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Say goodbye to Ecomdash

Ecomdash has had many faithful users over the years. Unfortunately for those sellers, they are no longer providing support or feature improvements. Nor are they accepting new clients. There is a silver lining though- Listing Mirror has a huge overlap with the functionality of Ecomdash. We can help you manage your listing data, keep track of your inventory, and fulfill orders.

Say hello to a team that plans to stick around

Listing Mirror is a bootstrap business led by involved founders, Brian and Erin, since 2016. The team prides itself on remaining true to its core value of creating the best software for selling online. We strive towards this goal by employing an active development team that is pushing new code daily, focusing our roadmap around modern and future marketplace features and enhancements, and creating a support system that includes knowledgable and personable team members always ready to assist you. We hold client feedback near and dear to our hearts, and are constantly improving our platform to include the tools your business needs while also being user friendly.

Real people to help set up and support your systems.

When you choose Listing Mirror, you won’t have to figure out your ecommerce systems alone. You’ll get access to a dedicated support coordinator and our expert, 100%-US-based support team.

Bundles items to increase listing exposure.

Listing Mirror will see an order for your kit or bundle and will send it to fulfillment using the individual items. No need to dedicate inventory to preassembled kits or bundles. We'll also track inventory levels at the component level, so you never oversell.

Customizable to your unique systems.

You’ve built systems to sell online and you need software that integrates with them. Our team can help you make Listing Mirror fit your workflow so you can work less.

Active design and development teams.

Our product team is constantly looking for client feedback and acts quickly to improve our user interface and feature offerings. Our design, development, and support teams work closely together to create user journeys and implement solutions that work for our clients.

Don't just take our word for it. See what our partners have to say.

Our clients not only have great things to say about our service, but have the results to back it up. We work closely with our partnered brands, such as Amazon, to ensure our clients are truly reaping the benefits that Listing Mirror promises.

JMFA reduces European order fulfillment costs by 80% and improves delivery speeds by 46% with MCF
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HR Merchandise increases multi-channel revenue by 184% in 90 days with the help of Listing Mirror’s automation tool
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Prime Line Packaging expands into 4 marketplaces with 843% sales growth with help from MCF and Listing Mirror
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Manage Product Listings & Inventory from One Screen

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