Multi-Warehouse Capabilities

Ship Orders from Your Own Warehouse, FBA, WFS, & other 3PLs

Connect Any Warehouse & Maximize Your Fulfillment Options

Listing Mirror integrates with an unlimited number of warehouses so you can gain the edge when it comes to fulfilling orders. Automatically ship orders from the most logical warehouse and gain flexibility when it comes to out-of-stock items.

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Advanced Order Routing

Keeping track of stock in your own warehouses and in the hands of third party logistics companies can be overwhelming. With Listing Mirror, you can prioritize your warehouses and automatically route orders for fulfillment according to your account settings. Route orders to your own warehouses, FBA and other 3PL companies.

Order Splitting Automation

Fulfill any order that contains multiple SKUs with more than one warehouse. If a SKU is out of stock in the preferred warehouse, it will automatically be fulfilled by the next warehouse according to your account settings. Prioritize your inventory sources and split orders to achieve faster shipping with less stockout issues.

Cross-Channel Fulfillment

Take your shipping capabilities to the next level by utilizing our cross-channel fulfillment options. Get orders from any marketplace and ship them through Amazon FBA.

Experience Multi-Warehouse Capabilities and Enjoy All The Benefits


Flexibile Fulfillment

Maximize your warehousing options to gain the flexibility every seller needs! Connect unlimited warehouses and optimize your shipping capabilities like never before!

Fast, Reliable Shipping

Gain an advantage with a multi-warehouse approach that can consistently deliver fast, reliable shipping to your customers! The shipping battle is all about options nowadays.

Streamlined Automation

Optimize logistics ahead of time! Create automated workflows that handle fulfillment and shipping while you handle other parts of the business.

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