How Does Listing Mirror Work?

Become a super seller in 6 steps!

Connect Selling in All Your Marketplaces

Use Listing Mirror as your central hub for selling in multiple marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, and others. Stop wasting time logging into each marketplace separately. Become a super seller and use a multi-channel software to manage listings, warehousing, and inventory from one user-interface. We are designed for Amazon sellers who plan to start or already are selling in multiple marketplaces.

Step 1:  Create an account & connect your Amazon

Get your Amazon listings onto Listing Mirror when you connect your Amazon seller account. Manage listings, inventory, warehousing and other operations right from Listing Mirror. Automatically put your listings on other marketplaces in a few easy steps and manage everything from one place.

Step 2:  Connect other Marketplaces and Integrations

Connect sales channels like Walmart, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce and other marketplaces. Connect shipping, warehousing, and delivery integrations like FBA, ShipStation, Deliverr, DesktopShipper and others! We also connect with pricing and accounting softwares like StreetPricer and Intuit Quickbooks.

Step 3:  Put Amazon listings on other marketplaces

You can now get listings up in a fraction of the time it once took. Quickly expand into other marketplaces and start selling more. We make it easy to get listings up and even easier to manage.

Step 4:  Create shipping profiles and automate warehousing

Connect Amazon FBA, MCF, 3PLs, and your own facilities for a multi-warehouse inventory system that communicates between the different marketplaces. Create shipping profiles and automate your inventory system with order routing and splitting, or block Amazon logistics, and create rules for total control.

Step 5:  Manage selling in all marketplaces

Use Listing Mirror daily to manage listings, inventory, warehousing, and other selling operations for each marketplaces you sell. We empower the free flow of information to help online sellers grow their business. We use data like sales and inventory to automate the tasks of multi-channel selling.

Step 6:  Become a super seller with multi-channel seller tools

Inventory forecasting, kitting and bundling, order routing and splitting, and purchase orders are just some of the tools that make up Listing Mirror’s multi-channel software. Expand your business with super-fast listing creation and grow quickly with our suite of seller tools designed for Amazon sellers.

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