Pricing Management

Automate Pricing with Rules and Stay Ahead of the Competition

Auto-Sync Prices and Reprice Listings

Listing Mirror makes it easy to control prices throughout each marketplace. Sync the same prices everywhere or customize pricing to your needs. Use rules to increase prices or discount when importing products onto a new marketplace. Take it a step further and use repricing software to automatically adjust your prices to win the Buy Box!

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Amazon Price Sync

Amazon sellers like to change prices for products within Amazon Seller Central. Fortunately, whenever you update your Amazon price, Listing Mirror has the ability to sync that price to other marketplace channels.

Create Pricing Rules for Your Listings

Products are not always sold at the same price on each marketplace. Save time and import products using rules. Create your own rules and automatically adjust prices for each marketplace.

Marketplace Sync

Not only can we import pricing data, but we can push pricing data to all of your marketplaces like Amazon and Shopify. Listing Mirror is your central hub for selling and we push updates to every marketplace at once.

Automatically Reprice Listings

Use repricing software to automatically adjust listing prices according to the settings you created. Spend time growing your business while software helps you stay ahead of the competition and win the Buy Box.

Maximize Pricing and Enjoy All the Benefits


Save Time and Get Listings Up Faster

Use price rules to customize your listing imports and get products up faster. Faster listing means more selling. Stop wasting time making changes to your listings one-by-one and start selling more today!

Customization and Control

Gain control of multi-channel pricing and customize our software to fit your business. Custom rules make it easy to control pricing everywhere you sell. Create rules and apply them to select marketplaces, or bulk price select listings.

Win the Buy Box

Repricing software is an option that will automatically reprice your listings based on your settings. Slow down sales with a higher price or battle to win the Buy Box without making manual updates. Let the computers do the work while you relax!

Multi-channel Champ

Grow your business with confidence and become the champ. The pricing management part of our software is well equipped to handle pricing on every marketplace you sell. Automate tedious tasks and get listing tasks done much faster with our price rules.

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Listing Mirror makes selling everywhere easy!

  • No duplicate work
  • Synchronized inventory
  • Happy customers

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