User-Based Permissions

Manage User Permissions and Gain Flexibility for the Team & Operations

Unlimited Users with Fully Customizable Permissions

Create an unlimited number of users and give employees the access they need while restricting the access they don’t need. No matter how large your team grows, there is a custom user profile for every team member!

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Create a User Profile for Every Employee

Empower your employees with a user profile so they can access the Listing Mirror account with custom permissions. Create new accounts when a new member joins the staff and give them the access they need!

Customize What Users Can Access

Adjust user permissions by choosing from a list of permissions. Choose from options that include whether they can add or delete listings, edit orders, edit integrations, fill orders, and so much more.

Monitor Employees Actions with Historical Logs

As the administrator, you will always know who changed the inventory or deleted that important listing. Gain better insight and complete transparency into your day-to-day operations with user logs that show at what time certain actions were performed. Sign up and start getting accountability today!

Manage User Permissions and Enjoy All The Benefits


Platform Security

Unleash your entire team while being smart and secure. Give all employees a unique username and password, plus custom permissions to control what they can and cannot do. Give employees the proper access needed and benefit from the security of user-based permissions.

Operational Control

Get control of your operations without giving up flexibility or security. With user based permissions, every employee has access to exactly what they need. Employee access can be changed, or can be turned on and off in real time!

Always Room for Another

Never worry about creating too many user profiles. From small to large companies, every employee can have a custom login with their own password!

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