Inventory Syncing

Connect Every Marketplace for Better Inventory Management

Sync Each Marketplace and Manage from One App

Eliminate jumping between each sales channel to adjust your inventory. Sync inventory quantities across multiple marketplaces, suppliers, and warehouses to increase sales and reduce stock outs. With Listing Mirror, the marketplaces communicate with each other and a sale on one marketplace will reduce the quantity available on all marketplaces!

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Real Time Inventory Tracking

Never oversell again. Inventory quantities update across every marketplace once a sale occurs or when you make a manual change within Listing Mirror.

FBA & Multi-Warehouse Management

Manage inventory across FBA, 3PLs and other warehousing. Control which warehouse gets the order and always know how much inventory you have, and where.

Reserve Holdback Quantity

You can limit how much inventory gets earmarked for each sales channel. If you have a total of 10 in stock but want to limit a sales channel to only 5 or 6, you can do so.

Future Dated Inventory

Choose an arrival date for inventory that is or will be in transit from the supplier. That inventory will automatically become regular inventory on the arrival date!

Inventory Replenishments

Another great feature coming soon!

Vendor Catalog

Manage a catalog of your vendors, complete with a list of products you purchased from them. Each vendor has their own catalog of products with information such as cost, order quantities, SKU and more. You can even create Purchase Orders for items are in the vendor catalog!

Inventory Forecasting

Use your sales data to pair a complex algorithm with a simple user-interface that alerts you when its time to order more inventory. Better inventory management means less dead inventory, more efficient storage costs, and improved cashflow.

Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders and send them to your vendors right from Listing Mirror. Our software provides the whole gamut of inventory management!

Inventory History

Listing Mirror keeps track of your inventory very closely and you can view your history on the Inventory History page. Use this data to make smarter decisions about products and inventory going forward.

Start Syncing Your Inventory and Experience All The Benefits

Never Oversell Again

No longer worry about selling a product that just went out of stock. Whenever a sale is made, the quantity available is reduced across each channel the product is sold in.

Save Time

Selling on multiple marketplaces means there are multiple marketplaces where inventory needs to be managed. Stop managing your inventory channel by channel and let Listing Mirror automation do the work on our easy-to-use user-interface.

Gain Control and Become More Efficient

Sync inventory from all the marketplaces to become a better, more efficient seller. Start dealing with smart inventory systems to take things to the next level. Listing Mirror is like a central database of your inventory. We tell the marketplaces how much inventory you have for each listing. And if you sell out of an item, the item is placed out-of-stock in every marketplace it was up. Get Listing Mirror for a 360 degree view of your inventory.

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Listing Mirror makes selling everywhere easy!

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  • Synchronized inventory
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