Meet the founders. Our Story


Problem-solving has always been a priority for entrepreneurs Erin and Brian Wawok. They love the challenge of bringing a business from concept to reality. They believe their like-minded stubbornness and drive for excellence are the key to a successful personal and professional relationship. Listing Mirror, their latest venture, has been their primary focus since 2016.

Why a software company?

With Brian’s software engineering expertise and Erin’s dedication to exceptional interaction design and customer experiences, they found their niche building a software service. They continually adapt their business to cater to the needs of ecommerce sellers, resolving small business challenges. Amid a sea of software choices, they differentiate themselves by actively managing the day-to-day business, answering customer requests and taking phone calls alongside their team.

While software is undeniably powerful, Brian and Erin are truly passionate about the profound impact that exceptional software and service can have on small businesses. It lies at the very core of their beliefs and endeavors.

Erin and Brian purposefully guide their small team to align with their core values, emphasizing family and connection. This approach enables them to stay connected with their customers and effectively address the needs of fellow small business owners. They comprehend the challenges of juggling multiple responsibilities, training new staff, while still making time for their loved ones.

Their Family and Connection

When they are not at their computers, the couple spends time with their four daughters. They are building their legacy in South Bend, Indiana where they are active in their local community. They recently bought a 1950s home they are slowly renovating together. They are both avid readers, although Brian prefers fantasy and sci-fi while Erin really enjoys non-fiction pieces. Neither Brian nor Erin excels at relaxing, so although their life is overflowing with activity, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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