Amazon FBA and MCF

Expand Your Shipping Options and Dominate the Marketplace

Gain Superiority with FBA and MCF Across Your Multi-Channel

Use our software to integrate Amazon FBA and Amazon multi-channel fulfillment (MCF) across all your sales channels. Improve logistics flexibility and get better control over how orders are fulfilled. Scale your business with a Listing Mirror account and automatically fulfill orders using Amazon FBA, MCF, your own warehouse, or any 3PL. Prioritize shipping options and split orders between warehouses to achieve operational efficiencies that blow away competitors.

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Amazon Logistics Cross Channel Fulfillment

Use Amazon MCF to fulfill orders across all your sales channels. Connect any marketplace and immediately bolster your fulfillment options. Amazon MCF, aka multi-channel fulfillment is a top feature that helps sellers gain the upper-hand. Automatically route any marketplace order to MCF based on your settings.  Beat out the competition, experience cost savings, and improve shipping speeds. Get started today and experience all the benefits!

Automate Amazon FBA and MCF

Prioritize inventory sources and automate your fulfillment options ahead of time. Our multi-channel software is customizable to your business needs and can be set up to run automatically. We sync all your marketplaces with Amazon logistics and make it easy to manage. Save time with automation and grow your business with Amazon FBA and MCF.

Sync with 3PL and Merchant Fulfillment

Speed up shipping times, improve warehousing, and automatically fulfill orders with more than Amazon MCF and FBA. We also support Flexport, your own warehousing, and any other 3PL. Enjoy shipping nirvana and obtain extreme flexibility with unlimited fulfillment options. Become more efficient and set up order routing and splitting, prioritize warehouses, and set inventory limits on fast moving products.

Sync Amazon FBA and MCF for All the Benefits

Fulfillment Flexibility

Integrate multiple warehouses and diversify your fulfillment options to improve the flexibility of your business. Use Amazon FBA, MCF, your own warehousing, and other 3PLs. Use Amazon MCF to fulfill orders from both Amazon and other marketplaces!


Immediately grow your business and revenue without added warehousing costs. Start selling in more places and fulfill your orders using Amazon multi-channel fulfillment. Today’s competition calls for scale. Use Listing Mirror to sync all your sales channels with Amazon logistics and start selling more.

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Sign up for a Listing Mirror account and connect all your warehouses across all your marketplaces. Use options like Amazon logistics and leverage multi-channel fulfillment to become a top shipper.

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