Listing Creation and Management

Listing Mirror integrates with all the major marketplaces so that you can effortlessly sync listing data across multiple selling platforms – without manual entry.

Don’t waste another minute manually entering listing data. You’re trying to grow your eCommerce business, not wear out your keyboard. Listing Mirror helps Amazon sellers to automate listing changes and inventory updates so that selling is fun, not frustrating.

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One click creation on all of your marketplaces.

With our bulk action ability, you can create the listings of your choice to your preferred sales channels quickly and efficiently. Listing Mirror will take your pre-existing product information and create your listings on each sales channel without needing you to manually enter in each field.

More sales channels means more customers seeing your products, which means more sales. We’re continually updating to add the newest
marketplaces, and with our bulk creation capabilities you can effortlessly upload your catalog to a new network of customers

Product Catalog. Update everything in one place.

Need to update a product? Don’t get frustrated. Don’t log into each marketplace and copy/paste. Instead, use our Product Catalog. Update once and watch that change trickle down to your variations and market listings.

We begin building your Product Catalog as soon as your first listing is imported. Using advanced technology, we link variation listings together and allow you to manage these variations as an entire product, saving you time and wear and tear on your keyboard.

Update images, listing fields, categories, product identifiers, and much more all from one spot. Your Product Catalog.

Showcase your products in the best category, with no added effort.

We know the importance of optimizing your product visibility, which is why we work hard to get all of your new listings showing in the proper product categories. We have a powerful system of automatically assigning product categories based on the product information that already exists. This means no more repetitive selection of product categories.

As if that doesn’t sound great enough, we take it one step further and allow you the option to set up category mapping rules. When you have a special product that needs to end up in a special category, worry not! We provide the flexibility to fully customize what category each product is on each marketplace.

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Listing Mirror makes selling everywhere easy!

  • No duplicate work
  • Synchronized inventory
  • Happy customers

Stop wasting your time and start selling!

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