Inventory Forecasting

Identifying Patterns & Trends to Drive Better Decision Making

Accurately Forecast Your Inventory Needs Based on Data

Listing Mirror’s inventory forecasting tool pairs a complex algorithm with a simple user-interface to alert you when its time to order more inventory. The software analyzes variables from each of your selling channels and lets you know exactly how much inventory needs to be ordered.

“It’s nice to have a forecasting tool automatically estimate the inventory my business needs to replenish. It takes the guesswork out of placing orders with my vendors.”

Michael Gargiulo | Jewelry Trends, LLC.

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Customizable Control

Trying to calculate how much inventory to buy can seem daunting, especially when you factor in the different variables. However, we make it easy with an intuitive user-interface and customizable options like: Which warehouse(s) do you want to restock? How much time do you want to be covered for? How much to order considering shipping costs and storage fees? How much do you predict your sales volume will increase?

Fully customize any inventory forecast by changing the settings directly on the page and watch the numbers update automatically!

Send Purchase Orders

Once you know how much to order, you can easily send purchase orders to your vendors directly from the forecasting page!

Never Miss a Sale Due to Out-of-Stock Inventory

Missing out on a sale means missing out on a new customer – never worry about that again! Data driven outcomes mean accurate forecasts and the right amount of inventory in stock so you never miss a sale.

Avoid Overbuying & Expensive Storage

Ordering too much inventory and paying for storage can be costly, and it can be worse than being out of stock. Accurate forecasts mean you will order the RIGHT amount of inventory and never get stuck with extra inventory.

Improve Your Cashflow

Ordering too much inventory ties up cash and can leave you with expired or non-relevant items. Use the forecasting tool to better manage your inventory levels and enjoy the extra cashflow.

Save Valuable Time

Time is the most valuable thing we have. Listing Mirror will calculate your inventory needs in a fraction of the time it takes you. It will be far more accurate too!

How Does Listing Mirror Do This?

The Inventory Forecasting tool analyzes different data points across all of the marketplaces you sell. Analysis of product sales, current inventory, manufacturer lead time, and other variables are how we calculate how much inventory needs to be ordered.

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