Kitting and Bundling

Increase your average order value without complicating fulfillment

You can combine existing items into kits and bundles using Listing Mirror. You can then list them on all sales channels, increasing your exposure. Listing Mirror will see an order for your kit or bundle and will send it to fulfillment using the individual items. No need to dedicate inventory to preassembled kits or bundles.

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What is kitting and bundling?

Kitting and bundling is a sales strategy that groups multiple items into one product. A kit combines complimentary, but unique, items. A bundle combines multiple of identical items to create packs.

Using an advanced inventory management platform, like Listing Mirror, allows you to create these kits and bundles virtually. This means you won’t need to set aside inventory preassembled into kits and bundles. Instead track inventory at the component level to maximum sales.


Why should I use kits and bundles?

By utilizing your inventory to create more listings, you are increasing your listing exposure. More listing exposure means more sales. It will also help boost customer loyalty. If a buyer is a frequent purchaser of one of your items, they may decide to try a kit where they can also test another one of your products. Soon you may have a customer who is searching your brand instead of generic search terms.

You can also use this feature to move surplus inventory. Offer discounts for multi-packs. Pair a stagnant item with a top seller. Create a BOGO (buy one get one) deal to move sales and reduce that item that is sitting and costing warehouse fees.

Optimized inventory tracking.

To properly track inventory for these listings, you may think you need to preassemble kits and bundles and set those aside for fulfillment. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Listing Mirror allows you to virtually group these items so that they appear as one listing on marketplaces, but you can stock the same inventory for individual products and bundles.

Our platform will use the lowest available quantity for included items to determine the quantity that we send to marketplaces for your bundles or kits. For example, if you sell a dog toy kit where you have 100 squeaky toys available, but only 50 plush toys, we will calculate that you have 50 dog toy kits available and will send that quantity to your sales channels. Likewise for bundles, we will do the math for you. If you are selling a four pack of shirts, where you have 100 total shirts available, we will calculate that you have 25 four packs available.

When an order is received, we will deduct quantity from each of those component items ensuring that your inventory is always up to date.


Simplistic order fulfillment.

No need to manually fulfill kits or bundles. Send your individual components to your preferred third-party logistics provider (3PL): Amazon MCF, Deliverr, ShipStation, or any other 3PL! When a client places an order on any sales channel, we will send the specific components to be pulled from the fulfillment source.

No confusing packing lists. No preassembled packages. Just your normal flow while increasing your average order value.

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