Order Routing and Splitting

Get More Shipping Options & Prioritize Warehouses for Order Fulfillment

Fulfill Orders With Inventory from Amazon MCF and other 3PLs

Gain the edge and complete flexibility when it comes to shipping product. Listing Mirror can automatically fulfill orders with inventory located in any warehouse based on your preferences. Prioritize your inventory sources and split orders for more efficient, faster shipping.

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Adaptive Order Routing per Channel

If you have inventory in your own warehouses and with third party logistics providers, like Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), Listing Mirror will automatically route your orders to the right place. You can optimize fulfillment by location, or take it a step further and use our multi-channel fulfillment to automatically send orders from any marketplace to Amazon FBA.

Efficient Order Splitting

Use more than one warehouse to fulfill a single order! When you receive an order with multiple SKUs, we can fulfill that order using multiple warehouses. Auto-Split fulfillment will automatically split an order based on your account settings and each SKU will be delivered by the assigned warehouse.

Amazon Blank Box Shipping & Tracking Blocker

Use your Amazon FBA to fulfill orders received from other marketplaces and ship your packages in non-branded boxes. With blank box shipping, Amazon will ship your order in a blank box, no branding! Take it a step further by blocking the Amazon standard tracking number and use a standard tracking number not associated with Amazon.

Expand Your Shipping Options and Experience All The Benefits


Deliver Orders Super Fast

Improve your shipping speeds by fulfilling orders with a variety of multi-warehouse shipping options. Waste no time while our software automatically routes your orders to the chosen warehouse for a speedy delivery.

Inventory & Shipping Flexible

Set up automatic order routing rules or make changes manually as you need. If one warehouse sells out, another will automatically take its place. If you ship from your own warehouse and cannot ship, just re-route the orders to another warehouse.

Guaranteed Fulfillment

If your warehouse of choice is out of stock, we will automatically route the order to the next best warehouse for fulfillment.

Happy Customers and Positive Reviews

Drive more customer reviews with fast, efficient shipping. Automate re-routing orders to a warehouse with inventory to avoid out of stock situations and negative reviews.

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