Managing Purchase Orders

Create and Send Purchase Orders to Your Vendors

Set Up Vendors, Create Purchase Orders & Place The Order!

Send suppliers a purchase order right from a Listing Mirror account! We integrate with each marketplace, compile the data and make smart decisions about how much inventory to order. Use the inventory forecasting tool and send purchase orders directly to all of your suppliers!

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Manage Vendor Profiles & Product Catalogs

Quickly create vendor profiles with a catalog of products. Get more organized by maintaining important information like products lists, the price you pay, and lead times.

Customize and Create Purchase Orders

Stay on top of inventory by customizing purchase orders with exactly what you need. Choose from vendors, products and even add internal notes!

Send Purchase Orders to Suppliers

Notify vendors of a purchase order with the click of a button. Once the purchase order is created, just click and it will be emailed to the vendor of your choosing!

Receive Purchase Orders

When you send a purchase order to a vendor, you eventually receive those items. Once received, you can ‘complete’ a purchase order and we’ll automatically update inventory on each product listing.

Inventory Forecasting Tool

Take purchase orders to the next level by using the inventory forecasting tool. Forecast how much inventory needs to be purchased and use that data to create purchase orders.

Start Using Purchase Orders and Experience the Benefits

Save money Plus Better Cash Flow

Finally free up the cash and stop overbuying inventory! Use data from each connected marketplace to create purchase orders for products and quantities that are driven by data.

No More Missed Sales

Always have the digital shelfs filled with the popular items when you base purchase orders on accurate, inventory forecasting.

Save Time

Easily and quickly create purchase orders that can be sent directly to your suppliers. Spend time on other parts of your business and let our software do the work!

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Listing Mirror makes selling everywhere easy!

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