Dashboard and reporting

Stay on top of your business with real time data.

The Listing Mirror Dashboard gives you an overview of how your Listing Mirror account and business is performing. Listing Mirror uses real time calculating so you can make pertinent decisions about your sales channels, listings and orders. Use the dashboard to gain insight into business performance or to complete actionable items to improve your bottom line.

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Multi Channel Selling Control

Data is important for analyzing sales and inventory, but it is fragmented when you sell across multiple sales channels. Listing Mirror helps solve this problem with aggregating product listing, sales, and inventory data. With one easy-to-read user interface, you can analyze data from your website, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopify and more!

Review Sales Performance

Interested in how your business, and certain channels, have been performing over time? We have combined lots of information into this one robust widget. You can analyze performance by either revenue or units sold. The stacked bar graph gives you easy insight both into your overall performance, as well as each individual channel’s performance.

Manage Inventory Across All Channels

Analyze and adjust product inventory on all selling channels with one user interface. Never oversell or miss out on potential sales again! Tracking inventory on each marketplace you sell is inefficient and outdated. Our easy-to-use software aggregates inventory data across all platforms and makes things easy. Whether you sell on 2 or 5 marketplaces, our multi channel solution allows you to control all of your inventory from one place.

Get More Revenue with Live Listings

One simple way to get more sales is to get more product listings live. Our software monitors all of your listings and breaks down the data in one screen. The dashboard shows you the overall health of your listings and will alert you to any errors or unpublished listings. Monitor product listings and get them live on multiple sales channels with the click of a button!

Track Account Data Over Time

The convenient dashboard gives you a screenshot of the most important information about product listings, sales and inventory. You can get further insight by adjusting the time period you want to analyze. You can view the account health, performance and other data in varying time periods to gain insights and improve!

Compare Sales Channels

The dashboard shows daily sales from each marketplace side by side. Compare your Amazon FBA, eBay, and Walmart sales just by scrolling over our interactive chart. Use the historical dropdown to compare data from longer periods. We also connect to Shopify, Wish, BigCommerce, Etsy, Deliverr and other online marketplaces.

Top Products Widget

We showcase the top products and compare the performance to give you actionable insight. You can view and adjust best sellers from every selling channel within the Listing Mirror dashboard. Get the analysis and take action right within clicks!

Manage Pricing

Adjust pricing across all of your sales channels from our dashboard. You will save so much time and vastly improve the success of your pricing strategies. Compare data from the different selling channels and make pricing adjustments accordingly.

Top Performance Data Insight

Curious to know which products sell best? Take a peek, and export it for future reference. Analyze your product sales data and compare it on a per channel basis. Use this information to stock up on the products bringing in the most sales!

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