Marketplace Rules

Create Rules for Better Listing Imports and Multi-Channel Automation

List Products Faster and Automate Pricing with Rules

Spend less time fixing listings and more time growing your business. Improve the process of importing Amazon listings onto other marketplaces. Marketplace rules can be used to assign listing information, product categories, shipping profiles, and pricing automation.

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Listing Rules

Use listing rules when importing Amazon listings onto marketplaces like Walmart, eBay or Shopify. Customize category mapping, add descriptions, set shipping profiles, and run custom rules to improve the accuracy of your listing import.

Pricing Rules

Import Amazon listings to marketplaces with prices that get adjusted according to your settings. Use pricing rules t0 adjust prices up or down by a set dollar amount or percentage.

Category Rules

Category mapping is less than perfect because products are categorized differently from one marketplace to another. Use our category rules to solve this problem! Automatically assign listings to categories based on filters set by you.

Shipping Rules

Save time and let the software do the work. Create shipping rules based on weight and other variables to automate this part of the listing process. Customize filters and assign shipping profiles to products based on your preferences.

Use Marketplace Rules and Enjoy the Benefits


Save Time and List Faster

Use marketplace rules for control that goes beyond the standard functions of multi-channel software. Let our software perform tasks you otherwise would have to do. Stop making individual edits and use rules to get listings up quickly without error.

Flexible Rules for All Sellers

Rules are business-specific tasks that further automate your listing processes. Our rule system is extensive and there are options for all sellers. Choose options based on your needs and preferences. Start using rules today and let the software do the work!

Better Multi-Channel Control

We’ve improved the software that serious Amazon sellers use to automate multi-channel selling. Rules are the next level for the multi-channel pioneer because they give greater control of your selling operations.

More Time for Other Efforts

Saving time means you have more time. With more time you can double down efforts on marketing activities. You can investigate some analytics, research competitors, or take a break and actually relax.

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