By Brian Wawok



Before thinking of selling on, one has probably had other starting points; for instance, maybe one has an online shop but is figuring out how to reach out to a larger market. Similarly, sellers may use other online marketplaces like eBay but want to expand their reach. On the other hand, other sellers maybe start from zero; they have no website, and neither have they joined any marketplace. Many scenarios would lead to a seller joining; however, the main goal remains to find ways to reach a larger audience to sell the products.

If you think of the best marketplaces to sell your products, then is at the top of that list.  Below are five great reasons to start selling on Amazon, regardless of your business status.

5 Reasons to Sell on Amazon

Reach Millions of Shoppers

First, selling on Amazon enables a business to reach millions of potential customers. Amazon has over 300 million active customer accounts; hence when a seller creates their product listings, they are likely to reach millions of interested online shoppers. With such a vast target market available on the platform, it makes it easy for the business to grow.

Trust Through Amazon

Secondly, Amazon sellers enjoy a good reputation as the company enables them to gain trust from their customers. Shopping online is usually difficult when both parties or one of parties do not trust the other. With Amazon, new customers feel secure and safe shopping online as they know the platform’s reliability enabling an Amazon seller to make more sales.

Fast Reliable Shipping

Thirdly, Amazon offers the best shipping experience to its customers by handling the products directly from the warehouse to the buyer. Equally, Amazon takes full responsibility for any damages or other problems during the shipping process, taking the burden off the seller’s shoulder.

Low Start Up Cost

Lastly, Amazon sellers enjoy a low initial investment as the company’s listing fees are low, and sellers are not charged any fee before making any sales. The low cost helps new sellers efficiently market their products on the platform.

Selling on Amazon is a great way to succeed in eCommerce as the platform offers sellers many benefits and vast opportunities. On the other hand, customers can enjoy convenient shopping on the platform. Entrepreneurs should consider selling on Amazon to see their business expand.

Brian Wawok

Brian is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.