By Erin Wawok



Software makes it easier and faster to run your eCommerce business. Using the software, you can streamline your multichannel eCommerce business, allowing you to reach more customers and earn more in the long run. However, without careful planning, software expenses get out of control. To benefit from eCommerce software, it is vital that you control the cost and only pay for the software you need. 

In this post, we will explain the top strategies for reducing your eCommerce software costs. Read on to learn more!

Set a Software Budget

Without a budget, you will definitely spend more than you need to on software. Every main facet of your business should have a budget, including your software spend. There is not a set-in-stone technology or software budget that works for every eCommerce business. You must determine your own budget based on your revenue and individual needs. As your business grows, your budget may change, but you must set a reasonable starting point. 

We explain how you can set your eCommerce software budget in this post. 

Monitor Your Software Budget

Once you have a budget, then you must ensure you stick to it. Monitor your budget frequently to assess if you are spending within it. If you are going way over or under your budget, then you may need to evaluate both the budget and your spending. Monitor and review your budget on a frequent basis, and track your spending closely. Reassess your budget at each quarter to determine if you are on track or overspending for software. 

Get Rid of Unused Software

Unused software is the main reason eCommerce businesses go over their budget. It is easy to sign up for a trial and then forget to cancel, so you end up paying fees for something you do not use. Review every piece of software that you are paying for. What software do you use frequently and find helpful? What software do you never touch? Cancel any software that you do not use enough to justify the cost. Even analyze the software that you do use. Are you really getting enough value from the software and the provider? If not, it is time to look for a better solution that is worth the cost. 

Vet New Software Carefully

It is so easy to buy new software, but not every piece of software is worth the purchase. Instead of constantly buying software that is not the right fit only to cancel later, be very intentional about any software that you buy. 

Only consider software that has all of the features and benefits that your business needs. Remember, the best Saas will also have a provider with excellent customer support that can help you obtain the full value from the software as well. We break down everything to look for in top eCommerce software HERE. 

Choose a Comprehensive Solution like LM

The best software solutions offer incredible value and ROI. The easiest way to reduce your software spend is to find a comprehensive solution that can meet many of your business needs. Buying a separate software solution for every little task will add up quickly and make it more difficult to manage operations. An all-in-one software solution makes it easier than ever to run your multichannel eCommerce business without draining all of your money with software. 

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Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.