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Expand your shipping options with order routing and splitting, a core feature in every Listing Mirror account. Use our multi-channel software and connect every marketplace to optimize shipping solutions in one place.

Increase the flexibility of your shipping with adaptive order routing and efficient order splitting. These popular features within Listing Mirror help sellers gain an edge when it comes to shipping speed and costs. Utilize these features and take your shipping skills to the next level. Your competitors are doing it! Sign up for FREE and give us a try!

About Order Routing and Splitting

Connect warehousing and shipping between every marketplace you sell. Optimize order fulfillment by location and send orders to the most efficient warehouse. Automatically split orders and ship with multiple warehouses when it makes sense. Use Amazon Blank Box or Block Amazon Logistics to take shipping to the next level.

  • Adaptive order routing.
  • Efficient order splitting.
  • Communication between all marketplaces.
  • Warehouse inventory flexible.
  • Amazon blank box and block Amazon logistics.
  • Faster Shipping.
  • Happy Customers.

How Does it Work?

Our multi-channel software integrates with each of your marketplaces, warehouses, shipping sources, and other softwares like accounting and re-pricing. You enable communication between each of your accounts by connecting everything to Listing Mirror. Once the softwares start communicating, you can start customizing! Use different filters to prioritize your warehouses for fulfilling orders. Manually split orders, set up auto-split fulfillment, ship any marketplace order through Amazon FBA, improve shipping times and get happy customers.

Who Should Use Order Routing and Splitting

Amazon sellers and anyone else that sells online could benefit from advanced shipping options like order routing and splitting. The infrastructure of warehousing, shipping, and delivery has expanded rapidly over the past 5-10 years. As online retailers compete for market share, they are building out vast logistics networks. As a seller, you can take advantage of these networks with a multi-channel software like Listing Mirror.

How to Get Order Routing and Splitting

Order routing and splitting options can be found within your Listing Mirror account. If you don’t have an account and want to get one for free, create a Listing Mirror account here. If you want to learn more and speak with an expert 1-on-1, schedule a call with no waiting on the calendar here.

More on Multi-Channel Software Features

Order routing and splitting is just one feature that makes up the Listing Mirror multi-channel software. With some clicks and a little bit of effort you can transform your business and grow to new levels. Maximize your shipping with order routing and splitting. Go even further with listing automation, inventory syncing, forecasting, and so much more! Check out our multi-channel features page to dive deeper into what we can do for you!arn more or reach out with questions!

Brian Wawok

Brian is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.