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Gain better insights about each of your selling channels with our dashboard and reporting features. These popular features are available with every Listing Mirror account. Compare sales numbers and other important metrics between Amazon, eBay, Shopify and other marketplaces you sell.

Listing Mirror multi-channel software connects all of your sales channels, shipping solutions, and even accounting or re-pricing platforms. With our software you can manage all your selling channels and compare each marketplace within one user-interface. It is time to get connected and take your online selling to the next level. Don’t wait, act now and sign up for FREE!

About Dashboard and Reporting

Make better decisions and improve your business with more transparency. Use our software to easily track and review performance between each marketplace you sell. Listing Mirror multi-channel software has the most user-friendly dashboard. View reports that are easy to read and understand. Dive deeper into the numbers with historical data and understand the performance of each marketplace.

Get ahead by tracking each marketplace’s data and compare the results side-by-side. Review sales performance and snapshots right on the dashboard. Easily download data and analyze the numbers. Start improving your business today with better information about your selling channels. Experience the benefits of all encompassing information that is connected between everywhere you sell.

How Does It Work?

Create a Listing Mirror account for free and view the dashboard every time you log in to your account. The dashboard serves as the account homepage and it contains valuable information about every marketplace you sell. Within the dashboard you can find snapshots of listing errors, products out of stock, low stock products, top selling products, and charts that show sales performance for each marketplace. Keep a birds-eye view of or click into any snapshot to get deeper into the data.

The dashboard is very easy to use and understand. If you want more details though, check out the Dashboard 101 Knowledge Base article here!

Who Should Use Dashboard and Reporting

You need to be thinking multi-channel if you sell online, all the serious sellers are starting to take advantage. And if you enjoy looking at performance, our multi-channel software has graphs and reports for you. They are very user friendly, they include the data from each marketplace you sell, and you can customize using filters. Don’t get left in the dust by competitors. Try Listing Mirror for free and experience amazing features like the user dashboard and reporting. 

How to Get Dashboard and Reporting

Simply sign in to a Listing Mirror account and get access to the user dashboard and reporting tools. Start at the dashboard every time you sign in, or find it in the main menu. Reports can be ran for listings, sales, inventory, low stock, forecasting, and  other data points. Reports allow you to compare sales between each marketplace.

Don’t have an account? Create a Listing Mirror account for FREE here. Want to speak with an expert and learn more? Schedule a call with no waiting on our calendar here.

More on Multi-Channel Software Features

Dashboard and reporting are just one part of Listing Mirror. Our multi-channel software connects with the different marketplaces so users can manage selling with one user-interface. Connect all of your marketplaces, automatically list products, adjust pricing, manage shipping, and so much more. Want to know about everything we can do? Check out our multi-channel features page and dive deeper!

Brian Wawok

Brian is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.