By Erin Wawok



Running an eCommerce business can feel like juggling. There are always different suggestions about how to do marketing, tips to maximize efficiency, and most importantly, where to sell your products.

With multiple online marketplaces in which you can list your products, it can become complex and overwhelming. It seems like there is a new online channel that has become popular all the time. Wish is a newer eCommerce platform with booming potential.

Wish has become known for its incredible affordability, Prize programs, and mobile friendliness. It is especially popular with younger people and those who make a low income. Shopping on Wish also notably is less search-driven, unlike other competitors. Rather, Wish focuses on its recommendation algorithm, encouraging users to browse, and trying to capture them with small purchases.

When selling on Wish, keep in mind that it works a bit differently than other marketplaces. However, there are plenty of ways to successfully sell on Wish, but they might be a little bit different than you are accustomed to.

Here are the top tips on how to sell on Wish successfully.

Add SKUs For Your Products

Stock-keeping units (SKUs) are scannable barcodes that you have surely seen on the back of products, in the grocery store, etc. They contain a lot of information, such as UPCs, manufacturer information, and product details. Wish rewards sellers that include SKUs in the algorithm. Especially if you have dozens of listings, adding these will boost your chances of selling more. Wish recommends a minimum of 100 SKUs to maximize your products in the algorithm.

Upload High-Quality Images

Nobody wants to buy something if they do not know what they are looking at. This is why images are important on any listing site. More importantly, you want the images you upload to be optimal. High-resolution images and images with clear or white backgrounds convert most effectively on Wish.

Optimize Your Descriptions

Product descriptions should be concise but informative. Make sure that the descriptions are not too long, because this can be distracting. But also, you want to ensure that any relevant keywords are present to boost your listings in the algorithm (listing optimization). It’s important to be economical with descriptions on Wish.

Tag Branded Products

If you are selling authentic, branded products, make sure to tag the brand on Wish. This may not apply to all sellers. If it does apply, though, tagging the brands will increase exposure and customer trust. Some buyers lack trust in the platform’s legitimacy because of how inexpensive products are. Leave no room for distrust by tagging branded products.

Encourage Customers To Leave Reviews

As with any online marketplace, customer reviews are an important part of growing your business. A large majority of customers at least consider the star rating of items, if not for actually reading customer reviews. This is why it is important to follow up with customers and encourage them to leave reviews. They also are essential for your growth. Product reviews help you scale your performance and improve your operations.

Go International

Wish is very international in nature. Around 60% of sales come from international buyers. This is why if you want to be the most successful on the platform, you should consider adding international shipping options. It will increase your potential customers and market share by a lot. Enable international shipping is one of the keys of learning how to sell on Wish successfully.

Use ProductBoost or Wish Express

Lastly, these two programs are paid services offered by Wish. Since they are native programs, they are proven to help you succeed on the platform.

ProductBoost is a paid advertising service. It is an ad campaign that boosts your products in the algorithm, recommends them to potential buyers, and increases exposure overall. Depending on your budget, there are different plans. Some customers have seen up to a 62% increase in sales since using ProductBoost.

Lastly, Wish Express is much like the Amazon Prime program. It guarantees that products are delivered within a certain time frame, usually 3-5 business days. Products that qualify for the program receive an orange truck badge that denotes that they are Wish Express items. Gain up to triple the exposure, sell products faster, and attract more customers with Wish Express.

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Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.