By Brian Wawok



Amazon offers an extensive list of marketing tools with exclusive features. These awesome tools are available to sellers and registered brands. No matter the size of the brand, marketing is an on-going process to remain profitable.

Brands that want to stand out need to create a marketing strategy based on their audience and competition. Marketing campaigns often entail substantial testing of different campaigns to find which ones convert the most sales.

Luckily, Amazon makes this trial-and-error process simple with their new A/B testing features.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a common marketing practice used to measure the effectiveness of a campaign and what resonates with customers. A/B testing is commonly used throughout the fields of marketing and selling. It is a way to compare two different options to see which one performs the best. For Amazon sellers, this could mean testing ad copy or product listing titles.

When performing an A/B test, you can deploy two of the same ad campaigns on Amazon with different headlines, and then measure which performed best based on a specific metric. The metric here could be the volume of clicks or impressions.

Conducting A/B tests are an easy way to identify audience behaviors that directly impact conversion rates.

What are Amazon Experiments?

The Amazon Experiments tool is essentially a streamlined version of A/B testing for brands. Amazon launched two new features that would strengthen and shorten the A/B testing process for brands.

One feature is focused on identifying duplicate content to enhance outcomes. The other feature is geared towards auto-publishing the winning content of an A/B test, saving brand-sellers time updating this information on their own. Amazon notes that they only auto-publish content when the winning version is 66% better than the other.

Brian Wawok

Brian is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.