By Erin Wawok



Technology is the crux of eCommerce. As technology continues to advance, you must make changes to your eCommerce store in order to remain modern and competitive. Businesses who take advantage of technological tools are able to experience exponential growth and success. 

The foundation of your eCommerce store and its technology is your eCommerce platform. Your platform serves as an interface between your store and customers and also impacts your backend operations. In order to improve your eCommerce store, you must optimize your eCommerce platform. Eventually, it may be time to re-platform. In this post, we explain the signs for you know when that time is. 

What is Replatforming?

Replatforming is the process of changing your eCommerce platform. Consumers demand fast, engaging, comprehensive shopping experiences and you need a very good eCommerce platform in order to offer that. Replatforming is a great way to stay up-to-date and improve your eCommerce store. Some of the top benefits of re-platforming include:

  • Stay ahead of the competition.
  • Meet demands for quick loading times, including those on mobile with a faster, safer website. 
  • Avoid negative customer experiences with your website. 
  • Grow your online store by migrating to a scalable platform. 
  • Improve your overall customer experience. 
  • Enjoy more features for management. 
  • Reduce costs by changing to a more economical platform that includes maintenance, security patches, feature updates, and license renewal fees. 

Signs it is Time to Replatform Your eCommerce Business

You Have and Outdated Platform

Technology is everchanging, and eventually, your eCommerce platform will become outdated. Additionally, the growth of your business may also outgrow your business. Outdated platforms fail to meet customer expectations and government compliance mandates, resulting in lost opportunities. If you or your customers feel your platform is outdated, it is likely time to update. 

Administrative Frustration

Platforms that are nonintuitive are very difficult to work on. If you and your team struggle to use your platform and notice that completing a task takes too many steps, replatforming may be a good idea. Avoid administrative frustration and replatform to a more intuitive platform with features that streamline your selling process. 

Falling Behind Competitors’ Functionality 

In order to stay competitive, your website must keep up with competitors. According to Digital Operative, your eCommerce store should now include voice search, mobile checkout, and very fast shipping and delivery. If your eCommerce store does not have those highlights, you are falling behind competitors functionality and should highly consider replatforming. 

Your Platform Does not Integrate Well

Your eCommerce platform is the hub for your business. Integrations with your other business features, like 3PL, are critical. If your platform does not integrate well, it makes your entire business workflow more difficult. Instead, you should replatform your eCommerce store to ensure better integration with your other business tools. 

Poor User Experience

User experience is incredibly important for converting visitors, and poor user experience will lose you many sales. If customers complain about the user experience and functionality of your website, it is time to change your platform. Make sure your eCommerce platform has enough features and flexibility for possibilities that offer the best user experience. 

Now is the Time to Replatform!

If you experience any of the above issues with your current eCommerce platform, it may be time to re-platform. Replatforming will help you please customers, scale your business, and manage more effectively. However, you should be intentional and carefully plan the right time and procedure for replatforming your eCommerce business. 

Need a helping hand?

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Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.