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Boost your Amazon Sales with Ranking Optimization

Got an awesome product to sell on Amazon?

Did you know there are ways to get on the first page of Amazon search results? Optimize your Amazon SEO ranking practices if you want to sell more. Amazon’s search engine decides how awesome your product is based on a long algorithm that constantly changes. Getting a product on Page 1 of Amazon is critical to maximizing conversions and sales.

So how do products rank on Page 1 of Amazon? It is not a simple answer and Amazon SEO ranking is not a science.  The ranking algorithm is constantly changing, but there are a few key areas to optimize product listings on Amazon: the title, image, and backend search terms.

1. Fine Tune Product Title for Best SEO Ranking

An Amazon product listing must have a strong title, bottom line. The title has the greatest impact on Amazon SEO ranking for products, both positively and negatively.

To start with, compile a list of the most important keywords for a product by creeping on the competition for inspiration or using tools like Google AdWords.

Place the most important keywords near the beginning of the product title. Algorithms associate higher relevance with keywords that appear early in a title.

This doesn’t mean jam-pack a title with keyword after keyword, though. In fact, please don’t do that. Amazon will penalize you.

Amazon suggests including the following categories in a product title: brand, product line, material or key features, product type, color, size, and packaging or quantity.

2. The Product Image SEO

Your product images must include alt text. Alt text is a word inserted as an attribute for an image, which tells search engines the nature of the contents of the image.

The search engine places high priority to alt text when determining which products appear in search results, although these attributes aren’t visible to customers.

While a missing alt text won’t destroy chances of landing on Page 1 of Amazon, a huge opportunity is missed if it’s left empty.

The alt text should be the most important keyword for a product. The image description should also include keywords, but in a cohesive manner instead of a string of keywords.

3. The Backend Search Terms

The most important keywords should already be placed in the product title, product description and image attributes. But extra keywords shouldn’t be forgotten. These should become backend search terms. Like image attributes, these keywords aren’t visible to customers either, but are still indexed by search engines just the same.

This is where extra keywords, common misspellings, and commonly used words in a niche should be included.

We can’t promise that you’ll rank #1 on Amazon for a product listing, but we can promise that optimizing these key areas will improve a product listing on Amazon. Use this and other Amazon growth tips to generate more leads and convert more sales.

Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.