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Customers turn to eCommerce for faster, more efficient services. In order to succeed as an eCommerce business against behemoths like Amazon, you must be able to consistently deliver accurate fulfillment at a low rate. Consumers who shop online expect that orders will ship quickly and without errors, and meeting this expectation is crucial for the growth of small to medium businesses.  Effective warehouse management is paramount for the success of your business, and a warehouse management system may be the solution you need. Read on to learn more about how a warehouse management system will benefit your eCommerce business.

Signs You Need a Warehouse Management System

The fulfillment process is incredibly dynamic and complicated, which can lead to many challenges. As your business grows on multiple channels, attempting to manage your warehouse manually will become impossible. To ensure proper fulfillment and customer satisfaction, you may need to implement a warehouse management system or WMS. Some signs that it is time to upgrade from manual warehouse management to an automated WMS include:

  • High error rates with quantity, packaging, damaged goods, incorrect paperwork, or other customer shipping complaints.
  • High expediting costs. Poor layout, picking, and slotting can cost more time and result in missed deadlines and greater expediting costs. A WMS can help you improve your slotting and picking to ensure proper cycle counts and timely invoices.
  • Low fill rates. A WMS will help improve your forecasts, supplier delivery speed, inventory records, and stock visibility to boost fill rates and order rates.
  • Rising fulfillment costs. When done properly, the fulfillment cost per unit should go down as your business grows. However, trying to keep up with proper fulfillment while handling increasing demands is incredibly difficult. A WMS helps you efficiently use your warehouse and ultimately ensure the profitability of your business.

Benefits of a WMS

A WMS will help streamline your fulfillment workflow and your entire supply chain. Choosing the correct WMS for your business will help you address the most common warehouse obstacles and allow you to scale your business effectively.   The top benefits of a WMS include:

  • Better inventory control. A WMS improves the order fulfillment process and decreases your order cycle time. You can track all of your orders with your WMS which will help you improve inventory accuracy and order fulfillment. Inventory management becomes much simpler and quicker with a WMS.
  • Improved customer service. Shipping is crucial for customer satisfaction. Your WMS will make sure your inventory is properly stocked and your fulfillment process is accurate. Through automation, your WMS simplifies organizing and tracking so you can have up-to-date information. Automation and real-time tracking result in more accurate fulfillment and more satisfied customers.
  • Lower operational expenses. A WMS will help you reduce waste by identifying which units to pick first and which units may require a sales push. It will also help you efficiently use space and labor, and improve the effectiveness of your staff.
  • Fulfill compliance regulations. There are many complicated compliance regulations that impact your supply chain. Meeting these supply chain and government regulations while satisfying customers is incredibly challenging. With real-time recording and data tracking through your WMS, you can boost your business intelligence and exceed compliance regulations.
  • With a WMS, you have access to your inventory use and SKUs which
  • ERP Integration. The best WMS will help you with order accuracy which will improve your overall operations. When your WMS integrates with your ERP, it will provide you with a clear picture of your overall operations.

Simplify Warehouse Management with Listing Mirror

In order to see the many amazing benefits of a WMS, you must choose the right one. Not all WMS are created equal or will impact your business operations equally. Listing Mirror is the #1 warehouse management solution with the best multichannel warehouse features. Inventory Intellect by Listing Mirror includes top warehouse features such as inventory forecasting, purchase order management, inventory management, packing, picking, and shipping, cycle counting, Amazon inbound shipments, and multichannel integrations. Easily access Listing Mirror’s cloud software on any iOS or Android device, and receive reliable support anytime from our 100% US-based support staff. Inventory Intellect has a complete set of features designed for multichannel eCommerce professionals, and it will simplify your warehouse and inventory management. Choose the plan that is right for your company’s needs and budget with this powerful WMS. Learn more about how Listing Mirror will help improve your fulfillment process and warehouse workflow or to request a free demo by visiting our website HERE.

Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.