By Erin Wawok



Kitting and bundling are highly effective eCommerce strategies that work great for businesses in many industries. 

Offering kits and bundles is an excellent way to improve inventory management and sell more products without hassle. 

Today, we’ll dive into the strategy of kitting and bundling and how it can help your eCommerce business. 

What are Kitting and Bundling?

Items are typically sold individually on eCommerce marketplaces, and customers can add several individual items to their carts. 

But what happens when a customer wants a few of the same item? Oftentimes, they can select the quantity they need, but the items are processed individually. 

However, some customers prefer the convenience of a larger kit. Kitting and bundling are slightly different versions of the same strategy. You can create a unique listing that offers your customers the convenience of buying multiple products in one quick order. Kits include several different products sold together under one SKU, whereas bundles are multiple of the same item. The key is that the kit or bundle should provide a slight discount on the combined items. 

By advertising a kit, you help guide your customers to the group of items they need to begin. You can create a starter kit, combine some premium upgrades or create a wide variety of add-on kits for the main item. This strategy works particularly well with items that use multiple parts, like a camera or video game console, but can be used with almost any listing.

On the other handle, bundles make the most sense for items that customers are likely to want more than one of. For example, a bundle of glasses or plates makes sense for a lot of shoppers. 

From Walmart Marketplace to Overstock, there are plenty of eCommerce channels that allow you to create unique bundles and kits. Amazon has a thorough list of rules and guidelines for bundling, so be sure your bundle is within these guidelines before submitting a post.

Benefits of Kitting and Bundling

  • Increased marketing opportunities: A great bundle is an attractive item for your potential customers. It not only encourages your customers to buy more than one item, but it also helps guide your customers on the multiple complementary items that can be used together effectively.
  • Increased sales: More items means more revenue. If you have a bundle of five items, for example, you may attract customers that only need two or three of the items but are willing to buy the bundle because of the savings. You’ll sell more items, and you can also offer a discount for the bundle.
  • Less competition: If you’re struggling to compete with your individual listings, try creating a unique kit. Your competitors may have a higher-ranked listing for individual items, but your unique kit can draw in customers looking for a deal.
  • Simplified shopping experience: In the age of one-click shopping and overnight shipping, many customers don’t like to search for multiple items online. Especially with mobile shopping, it can be inconvenient to search for multiple individual items to add to their cart. Kitting and bundling give your customer the freedom of one-click shopping.
  • Less shipping costs: With a kit, your customer will buy all the items at once, rather than individually. You’ll save time and money by sending a single, fully bundled package.
  • Increased packing efficiency: Pre-pack your kits in order to save on time, especially for holiday kits or bundles. Once a customer has placed an order, every minute counts. Ship faster and more conveniently with pre-packed kits and bundles.

eCommerce Growth Opportunities

Kitting and bundling are exciting strategies to help grow your eCommerce business without buying new inventory. These techniques allow you to add creative new listings from the same SKUs you already have. Ultimately,, you can use kitting to help guide your growth and expansion of inventory.

Create fresh, new buzz about your listings. Additional listings and unique bundles might be the perfect step to bring your eCommerce business huge growth opportunities.

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Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.