By Erin Wawok



As technology changes, businesses must adapt to stay competitive. When social media grew, brands incorporated it into marketing efforts. The same is true for podcasting, as many different small businesses have begun to implement this strategy. 

Podcasts are digital audio files that can be streamed or downloaded on the internet. Users subscribe to podcasts to be notified of new uploads. Podcasts have grown in popularity, but they aren’t just for creators, they also have huge benefits for brands. 

eCommerce businesses can use podcasts to connect with their audience and build relationships. Today, we’ll review the different ways podcasts can benefit your business.

An Alternative to Video Marketing 

There’s no question that video marketing is essential to modern marketing strategies. The issue with video marketing is that it can be hard to create. While you can use a modern smartphone to film on, not everyone will be comfortable in videos. If the people in the video are uncomfortable, it will impact the quality and authenticity of the videos. To create a high-quality video, you need the right equipment, knowledge of video elements (lighting, sound, background, editing, etc), and video charm. 

With podcasting, you need a lot less equipment. Since it’s not a video that shows your appearance, many people find it easier to record podcasts than film a video. The best part is that you don’t have to choose. You can create videos that you also publish just the audio from as podcasts. 

Build Relationships with Consumers

Podcasts are a great way to form and build relationships with your audience. When you create a podcast, you share a real voice that consumers can connect with your brand. They will feel like they are getting to know you, which will build trust and loyalty. By connecting with consumers via podcasts, you will build stronger relationships which will help your conversions. 

Easy to Make 

Creating a podcast is a lot easier than you may think. You do need a high-quality microphone and headphones to create your podcast, but this equipment is affordable and widely available. You can use free editing software to edit your podcast, and then upload the files to your website. You can quickly and easily share your podcast with subscribers via email. For the most exposure, you will want to upload your podcast on several distribution channels. 

Engage Your Audience

Consumers are exposed to thousands of ads and pieces of branded content each day, which means it’s hard to stand out. Podcasts are engaging pieces of content that will grab the attention of consumers better than just written content. The podcast host can share their message in an interesting, engaging way, which will make customers more likely to trust their recommendations.

Prepare for Public Speaking

Speaking at conferences and events can also help you attract your target audience, but this can be very intimidating for many small business owners. Podcasts are a great way to develop confidence with public speaking, which can help you down the line. At first, hosting a podcast may be difficult, but the more you do it the more comfortable you will become. You’ll be able to develop your natural flow when speaking. Podcasting can improve your public speaking, and it can also position you as a candidate for speaking opportunities.


Hosting your own podcast will open up a new world for collaborations. There are many ways you can collaborate with other podcasters to reach a wider audience. 

  • Sponsor another podcast. The host will promote your product or service during their podcast. 
  • Be a guest on another podcast. 
  • Get others to be guests on your podcast. 

By collaborating on podcasts, you can reach more people, promote your podcast, and promote your business. When sponsoring another podcast to advertise your business, look to influencers whose target audience aligns with yours. For guesting on others’ podcasts, consider complementary businesses, industry leaders, etc. 

Start Podcasting Today!

Podcasts are immensely popular, and they offer another way for you to reach your target audience. They are engaging and relatively easy to create. If your business has not yet tried podcasting, now is the time to start. All you need is a good set of headphones, a microphone, and free editing software. But there is one more thing you need…a little time. 

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Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.