By Erin Wawok



Learn How to Improve Etsy Listing SEO

Do you have awesome products listed on Etsy that aren’t getting much traffic? Have you ever wondered how you could increase traffic to your listings? Well you can, and it is all about improving your Etsy listing SEO.

While we can’t promise you’ll be number one in a search result, there are a few key areas to pay attention to when it comes to ranking higher in Etsy search results. Let’s break it down…

In simplest terms, Etsy is just a database and there are a few key areas that are pulled when Etsy ranks a product. It’s interesting to note here that the product description doesn’t play an important part in ranking, like many other marketplace platforms.

In fact, it’s encouraged to use the product description to convince the buyer why they can’t live another second without your product.

Writing great product descriptions is great to pitch a potential buyer, but SEO is what gets you in front of buyers. The key areas you should focus on include the listing title, tags, and materials.

Here’s How to Improve your Etsy Listings

1. Skip the Unique Title

We completely understand that Etsy is primarily a marketplace for creatives making products. But when that creative side wants to kick in with a cute, unique product title, don’t give in! This only hurts your product’s ranking and people won’t even see your product.

Avoid creative names and terms in a listing title because they will not help you. Instead, think of Etsy like Google. What are potential customers going to type into the search bar to find your product? Use those keywords you come up with or do a little research with a tool like Google Keyword Planner.

Once you have done keyword research, place those keywords towards the beginning of the listing title. Words placed first are given higher importance when being indexed by Etsy. This is also the best place to include the product category.

2. No Tag Left Behind.

Tags are your best friend on Etsy, so don’t be afraid to use them. Tags allow you to drop in 13 keywords without overloading the product title or description. This is where you should add variations of search terms that someone may use to find your product.

Our advice is not to leave ANY tags empty. Take advantage of this awesome tool Etsy provides you with to increase product rankings.

3. Don’t Forget the Materials.

Is your product a digital print? A ceramic piece? Maybe a custom, cotton shirt? No matter what your product is made of, don’t forget to include the material type in the product listing.

Often, buyers include the material type in searches, so this is another important area to accurately fill out. We told you at the beginning that we couldn’t guarantee you’d rank #1 on Etsy search results, but you can still try.

We can guarantee your product rankings will improve if you focus on maximizing the listing title, tags, and materials with keywords appropriate for your products.

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