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Listing Mirror for Amazon in Canada and Mexico!

You can now expand into other countries with an Amazon Unified Account and Listing Mirror can now support listings and orders for Amazon Canada and Mexico. This is set up with your store so that you can sell your products in Amazon’s two other major North American marketplaces: Canada and Mexico.

How Does an Amazon Unified Account Work?

You can list with a North American Amazon Unified Account. What is a North American Unified Account? Well it is an Amazon feature that allows Amazon sellers to list your offers on multiple Amazon North American marketplaces (Amazon US, Canada and Mexico) from a single Amazon Seller Central Account. Merchant Fulfilled (MF) inventory can be managed through Listing Mirror to sync quantity between your marketplaces. You can offer your products to buyers in all Amazon North American marketplaces (US, Canada and Mexico) using a single unified Seller Account.

Here is a brief video that highlights how this works through Amazon.

How to know if I have a North American Amazon Unified Account?

You will want to click the language switcher at the top of the page in your Amazon Seller Central account to see if other Amazon marketplaces appear as options. If you see the following in the menu below that allows you to change between the US, Canada and Mexico then you are set up with a North American Unified Account.

How do I create listings in different countries?

Amazon Seller Central feature called Build International Listings. The Build International Listings feature within Amazon Seller Central will identify, create, and synchronize listings in your target marketplace (e.g. Amazon Canada, Amazon Mexico) for each of the listings in your source marketplace (e.g. Amazon US), as long as Amazon product detail page exists in the target marketplace. Within your North American Unified Account in Amazon Seller Central, you will pick USA as your source marketplace. You will use a global SKU for MF inventory. You will still need to prepare and maintain product information, in the local language, and pricing, in the local currency, separately for each country.

When using the Build International listings queue to create listings in all locales, currency conversion is factored in, but pricing can change between the demographics. Amazon does not require pricing to be uniform across all demographics. You can use Amazon’s Currency Converter for Sellers to convert your Canadian and Mexican sales to US currency. You will need to select the language format within this platform when creating your listings as well.

Will I be able to use my FBA inventory across the 3 platforms?

Due to customs and other CBT selling limitations, Amazon does not support FBA fulfillment between the US, Canada and Mexico. Sellers set up FBA in each of the North American marketplaces, but inventory is managed separately for each country. A Seller cannot fulfill FBA orders with FBA quantity held in another country. IMPORTANT: Amazon requires that you use different FBA SKUs for each of your NA selling locations.

If using MF inventory, this can be managed all through one platform within your North American Unified Account. The inventory can be managed through Listing Mirror, so if you sell one item in Canada, the quantity gets updated in the US and Mexico marketplaces. You can use the ‘Build International Listings’ queue within your Amazon seller central account to create a global market SKU. This global market SKU will be used in all Amazon marketplaces and will allow for quantity management within Listing Mirror.

Do I go through customs shipping Internationally?

Amazon has discovered that orders shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS) which uses Correos de Mexico/Servicio Postal Mexicano (SEPOMEX) did not meet Amazon’s international shipping time requirements. Amazon recommends you use FedEx, DHL, or UPS. Always remember to check with customs, your shipping carrier, and Amazon policies for each country to ensure that every offer you are listing complies with all applicable laws and regulations in that country. Listing Mirror is here to help walk you through this process and welcomes any questions on listing, quantity and order management for Amazon US, Canada and Mexico!

Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.