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Fast and free. Two words eCommerce customers expect to see paired with shipping. Thanks to the big guys like Amazon, consumers now expect incredibly speedy fulfillment. In fact, your shipping policy can make or break a sale. For 90% of consumers, free shipping is the number one incentive to shop online!

While you may have already learned about the benefits of selling on the Walmart Marketplace, (if you haven’t, then click HERE) you may not yet know about the advantages of the Walmart 2-day shipping program. In this post, we explain why you need to use the Walmart Marketplace 2-day shipping program to drive sales. 

Walmart 2- Day Delivery 

Move over Amazon prime, Walmart Marketplace 2-day delivery is here! The Walmart TwoDay fast shipping program guarantees nationwide delivery within just 2 business days. Shoppers can choose this option free of charge, and there is no minimum purchase necessary. The 2-day fast shipping tag for enabled sellers is shown in the search results, item description, and above the “add to cart” button. 

Diversify to Walmart Marketplace

Huge eCommerce channels like Amazon are a great place to sell your products, but it is wise to diversify your sales channels. With rapid growth, the Walmart Marketplace is an excellent option, emerging as a preferred marketplace for diversifying. Walmart knows that in order to continue to see growth and compete with other channels, they must amp up the free shipping. Walmart is now heavily focused on fast, free shipping and has designed its website to emphasize this. In order to be a successful Walmart seller and stay ahead of the competition, the 2-day shipping program is key. 

Benefits of the Walmart Marketplace 2-Day Shipping Program 

Enhance Your Visibility 

Getting your products to appear at the top of search results is a challenge on every major eCommerce platform. Joining the 2-day delivery program adds a tag to your listing. Since we know that 93% of online buyers are encouraged to buy more products if free shipping options are available, many customers will use the fast shipping tag filter to view only items with fast, free shipping. Fast shipping tags eliminate a ton of competition, making it more likely that customers see your products when searching for relevant keywords. Even within the regular (unfiltered) search results, Walmart prioritizes the products with fast shipping. 

Compete on More than Price

With all else equal, customers want the item with the best price. However, shipping evens the playing field. Products with the 2-day shipping tag can rank much higher in search results, even if they are not the cheapest. values the 2-days shipping program and recognizes that businesses who participate in it have a certain level of service as well. With the Walmart 2-day shipping program, you can compete on service and quality rather than just price. 

Win the Walmart Buy Box

Being the top seller earns you the buy box, and having the buy box allows customers to buy with one click. Merchants who sell the same product share the same listing, and the one who wins the “add to cart” button on that product has won the buy box. As you would imagine, winning the buy box acquires more sales. themselves state that “having free 2-day shipping enabled on your listing boosts your chances of winning the Walmart buy box.” Just by qualifying for the 2-day shipping program, you demonstrate that you maintain high account metrics and service agreements, which gives you a greater chance of winning the buy box. 

Reduce Cart Abandonment 

When a customer abandons their cart, it is a sign that something is holding them back from completing the purchase. 58% of the time, it is high shipping costs. Again, since customers expect fast, free shipping options, shipping costs act as a deterrent for purchases, and in turn, lead to many abandoned carts. Eliminate this issue by offering free shipping. Joining the 2-day shipping program will help encourage customers to complete their purchases. 

Customer Satisfaction 

Shoppers now demand fast, free shipping. Offering this feeds the cycle of increased visibility, more sales, and positive reviews that feed into each other. Free, fast delivery is what customers want and will help keep them satisfied, making them more likely to recommend you and purchase from you in the future. 

More Sales and Conversions

By impacting all of the above, the Walmart 2-day shipping program will help you boost overall sales on the Walmart Marketplace. According to, sales increased 3x of more for brands after enabling the 2-day shipping program. Art supplies sales rose 92%, makeup items sold 190%, board-game sales rose 200%, and shampoo items saw a huge increase of 500% in sales.

Get Started with Walmart 2-Day Delivery 

Now that you recognize all of the incredible advantages of the Walmart Marketplace 2-day delivery program, it is time to get started and see more sales! You can certainly chip yourself and use in-house processes for the 2-day shipping program as long as you have met the requirements

However, the easy way to enable Walmart 2-day shipping is through Deliverr. Integrate Deliverr directly into Walmart Marketplace. Fulfill through Deliverr and you get pre-approved access to Walmart 2-day shipping. With this method, Deliverr handles all of the service agreements and makes sure you satisfy the shipping speed requirements. Deliverr is now offering discounted rates for Walmart 2-day fulfillment. Learn More. With the Listing Mirror+ Deliverr integration, Listing Mirror customers can easily access all of the incredible benefits of the Walmart 2-day shipping program without worrying about fulfillment. 

By using the Listing Mirror and Deliverr integration, you will be able to participate in all of the fast shipping programs for major sales channels. Listing MIrror sends multi-channel orders straight to Deliverr, who fulfills them according to the fast shipping program requirements. Participate in Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime, Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping, and eBay Guaranteed Delivery, and easily manage all of them from the Listing Mirror order management system regardless of your business size, order volume, or plans for growth. Get started by registering HERE.

Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.