Make Managing Your Wish Listings Easy.

Listing Mirror integrates with Wish so that you can effortlessly sync listing data across multiple selling platforms – without manual entry.

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Don’t waste another minute manually entering listing data into your Wish account.

You’re trying to grow your eCommerce business, not wear out your keyboard. Listing Mirror helps sellers to automate listing changes and inventory updates so that selling on Wish is fun, not frustrating.

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 Learn how to quickly integrate Listing Mirror with Wish and make selling on Wish easy. You won’t want to miss it!

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Our Wish integration makes your eCommerce business more efficient.

Sync all platforms within minutes of any sale so that you never oversell items.

Deploy accurate product listings from another channel to Wish without copy-pasting.

Get responsive support on managing your Wish listings from an expert team.

We help online sellers to simplify their processes and create more freedom.

From listing data to inventory management, we offer comprehensive, omnichannel solutions so that you can save time and reduce errors when selling online.

Plus, we provide responsive support that people actually love. (They write about us in all caps. In the good way.)

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Wish isn’t the only place we keep listings consistent.

Listing Mirror integrates with all of the major selling platforms – and more marketplaces, partners, features, and code updates are added daily.


Listing Mirror also supports all available non-US Amazon and eBay channels.

Multi-Channel Sellers Like You Love Listing Mirror

…our gross sales have increased about 12%…

By using the LM platform tied to the other sales channels our gross sales have increased about 12% as a high-volume seller. LM has been a time-saver to list on the other channels. We save about 50% of our time in listing because of LM ease-of-listing on other sales channels.

Stephen Gola

…our business grew 200%…

Using Listing Mirror has helped us maintain our listings and inventory across all platforms while our business grew 200% year over year for the past 6 years in a row

Coleman Whitsitt
Grivet Outdoors

Take our Wish integration for a test drive with a free 14-Day Trial.

Want to see if Listing Mirror will work for your needs? Try it out for free for 14 days. You can access the software on your own and get help from our friendly product specialists at any time.

Spoiler: We think you’ll like it.

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