By Erin Wawok



As your business grows, you will have to manage more frequent and complicated inventory transfer requests. Managing transfer requests can be overwhelming, but efficient inventory transfers are vital to inventory management. Successful transfer requests keep your warehouses adequately stocked, making sure you can seamlessly continue the business. Learn more about the process of inventory transfers and how Listing Mirror can simplify the process.

What Is an Inventory Transfer?

A transfer request is an internal request amongst your company to send items from one warehouse to another. For example, imagine you have an East and West warehouse. Your East warehouse is lacking the number of items your West warehouse has an abundance of. You may consider using an inventory transfer request to bring some of the inventory from the West to the East so that both are adequately stocked. Typically, the steps to an inventory transfer include:

  • Determine the quantity of inventory and where it needs to be moved
  • Note the SKU, quantity, status, and category of the inventory to be transferred.
  • Pack the inventory from the first warehouse and then ship it.
  • Receive the inventory at the second location.
  • Record the transfer for your records.

While the process may seem simple, it can become incredibly messy when you are performing multiple inventory transfers between warehouses. Some factors that influence the efficiency of inventory transfers include:

  • Your inventory management system
  • Your warehouse layout
  • Item positioning on shelves
  • Barcode placement
  • Efficiency of your employees

Manage Transfer Requests

Based on the steps and numerous factors that affect transfer requests, it is nearly impossible to manually complete them. Instead, simplify transfer requests with inventory management software. Listing Mirror is the #1 warehouse management solution that makes inventory transfer requests easy. With multichannel warehouse features, Listing Mirror’s Inventory Intellect is a reliable WMS. use on iOS, Android, and as a Web App to manage all of your critical warehouse functions, including inventory transfer requests.

To manage transfer requests in Inventory Intellect, head to the Inventory tab. Then create a new transfer request. On the transfer request, you may enter the destination, source, status, shipping information, line items, and any notes.  Using the Listing Mirror platform, you can keep track of all of your transfer requests on one comprehensive platform. Watch the full demonstration HERE. Learn more about how Inventory Intellect will simplify your inventory management and request a demo on our WEBSITE.

Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.