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Learn More About Walmart Marketplace

What are the requirements to be approved for

Walmart is looking for relationships with reputable retailers, sellers, and brands that provide:

First-class customer service
Provide great customer service to buyers
Unique product assortment
More types of items makes the Walmart Marketplace more appealing

Fast and reliable fulfillment
Ability to ship within the US efficiently
Competitive Pricing
Important on any online marketplace

Sell quality products
New or refurbished products allowed
Some additional helpful advice for any Walmart Seller:

Ship products in plain boxes, no branding (no FBA fulfillment allowed)
Your products must have UPC or EAN or GTIN codes. At least one of them is required.
Review our list of Product and Brand Limitatations for Marketplace Sellers, to make sure your products are not on it.

Are Jet and Walmart the same marketplace?

In late 2016 Walmart acquired However, those two marketplaces exist as separate entities. A few simple things to keep in mind…

You will have to apply for each of them separately.
You will also need to list products separately, and they have different panels and rules.
You should treat them as two absolutely unrelated marketplaces.
With Listing Mirror, this is all very simple. One of our multi-channel experts can even help you set this up!

What is the Walmart Marketplace?

In 2016, Walmart launched their online Marketplace. Third-party retailers can become an approved merchant on Walmart’s online platform – offering a comparable customer base to eBay and Amazon. However, it also offers approved retailer a different, and wider customer base, than that of Amazon and eBay. Since its launch in 2016, to February 2017; eCommerce sales on the Walmart Marketplace grew by 36%.

Should I sell on Walmart?

YES. Walmart Marketplace sellers are finding success with a wide array of products. Chances are, if you are selling on Amazon, you should be selling on

By joining Walmart Marketplace, you have the unique opportunity to reach approximately 80 million unique visitors each month (source: comScore) and to join the thousands of Suppliers and Sellers that call themselves Walmart Partners.

You want to sell on Walmart Marketplace, so why do you need Listing Mirror?

This is the exact reason Listing Mirror was created.

Listing Mirror allows you to effortlessly sell across multiple online marketplaces, including Walmart.

Using Listing Mirror will allow you to expand your product listings to each marketplace with very little effort.

Our service will save you time and money by centralizing all of your products, orders, and fulfillment into one easy to use software service!

Walmart vs. Other Market Places

Walmart has a very similar service to the Amazon Marketplace service.

We list your products on, if the products are already listed on, you will compete with the sellers for the “Buy Box”. This method works well for the buyers and also allows the sellers to be more competitive and make more sales.

What are the Walmart commission fees?

Walmart sets their sales commision at 15%. That rate can change, depending on the item’s category. For details visit Referral Fees For Contract Categories.

Walmart does not charge monthly fees or listing fees. Sellers only pay a fee for sales. When you get paid, they get paid.

Already approved by Walmart?

The expert Listing Mirror team will assist you with onboarding and account optimization. We also offer multichannel solutions to integrate your Walmart account with many other channels! Listing Mirror does not require any long terms commitments.

Not approved by Walmart yet?  Walmart Seller Application.