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Walmart in the Ecommerce world: How Features Like 2-Day Shipping Are Revolutionizing the Online Sales Landscape

Can we all please take a moment to talk about Walmart? This brick and mortar empire has now started its journey to revolutionize the online marketplace industry. In just a few short years, Walmart has become the third largest online marketplace in the world. (Look out Amazon!)

Walmart is expecting big growth, and much of their success can be attributed to the ways in which they incentivize companies to use their platform. Sellers take note: here are some of the features Walmart has used to boost their marketplace.

Introducing Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping

One of the most exciting features offered is the Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping program. Any product enrolled in this program is going to have a HUGE advantage over the competition. Not only are these products be placed on the front pages of all searches, they are also given their own featured search filter.

Now, you may be inclined to ask, “How is this search filter featured over any of the other filters.” The answer: this one is written in green! Yup, you read that right, when you are looking over the filters to refine your search, one is going to stand out above the rest. If your product is listed in the 2-day shipping filter, you better believe it’s going catch consumer’s attention. With these amazing features, you are guaranteed to boost post traffic and increase overall sales. Oh, and that’s not all you can expect from this upcoming marketplace! Below is a list of even more ways Walmart is working  to incentivize its online Marketplace sellers.

1. Exclusivity

One of the coolest opportunities created when you sell on Walmart Marketplace can offer is its exclusivity. You see, anyone can sell on Amazon or Ebay, but you have to be invited to sell your products on Walmart. If your company doesn’t get an invitation, never fear!  You still have a chance to have your products listed on this up and coming site. Simply fill out an application and they will decide whether or not your product is chosen. This allows sellers to see their ties to Walmart Marketplace as more of a privilege.Sellers also have the added benefit of participating in a clear market that hasn’t been tainted by shady scams offering their products at huge discounts.


Because Walmart has been around since 1962, sellers know that their merchandise is in good hands. Credibility has played a key role in Walmart’s ability to quickly expand their online reach. Don’t you want to share your products on the site of a company that has been around for almost 60 years? Consumers trust the quality of the Walmart brand and so should sellers.

In addition, due to their number of years in the customer service industry, Walmart has figured out how to create an excellent online service experience.With Walmart’s fast support, sellers are now able to spend more time improving upon other aspects of their business. No need to waste time dealing with technical issues, Walmart has it all figured out!

3. Growing Population

Another reason to sell through Walmart Marketplace is that you will gain access to their 110 million monthly customers. That many monthly impressions is an amazing saver of time and money. Not to mention that this is just the beginning, Walmart is continuing to a see a rising trend in their marketplace sales. This means that number is projected to rise.

4. Repricing Algorithms

By having access to the online repricing system that Walmart uses, you will be able to ensure that you are always reaping the benefits of your listings. The software used will automatically determine the profitability of a product and adjust the price accordingly. This means more money in your pocket and less time spent on the computer. The software used by Walmart is called Appeagle and it is promoting profitability across all of the third party sellers who choose to place their items on the Walmart Online Marketplace.

Still not sold on Walmart Online Marketplace? Instead of completely counting out this awesome platform, here’s what you should do: place your product on multiple marketplaces. By using the services of, you will be able to post across several marketplaces while keeping track of your complete inventory.

Sell More. Work Less.

Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.