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Fashion Category Product Image Standards: Announcement Details

In preparation for a new “fashion experience” on, Walmart recently announced that images will be portrayed in 3:4 aspect ratio, “Portrait Mode”, and that sellers need to adjust and resize their images starting April 21 to support the new display and avoid image distortion and/or the risk of being unpublished.

If you sell products on Walmart in one of the fashion categories, you probably received an email from Walmart about new image size standards.

Though Walmart hasn’t explicitly stated why it’s making this switch, the new images are a part of a renewed focus on the fashion sector. Given the increasing focus on mobile across the entire e-commerce industry, this isn’t a huge surprise.

Item imagery is a key factor in successful online sales. To prepare for a new fashion experience on, we are implementing new standards for product images in many fashion categories. – Walmart Knowledge Base

Example Images

See below for examples of properly cropped 3:4 images:

What you need to know about the new requirements:

If your images are not in 3:4 aspect ratio, “Portrait Mode” — you will need to replace them with new images in the required size/dimensions.

Product listings with images that do not meet the new required dimensions will be at risk of being unpublished by Walmart.

Who will be affected? Anyone selling in the following categories:

  • Men’s Apparel
  • Women’s Apparel
  • Kid’s Apparel
  • Baby Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Travel/Luggage

Lucky for you, Listing Mirror is Ahead of the Curve

April 21 is just around the corner, but not to worry! Listing Mirror has prepared a method to prepare all of your images, in the above categories, for you, automatically! Great!

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Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.