By Erin Wawok



The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed plans around the world. Both personal and business events and plans have been put on a halt due to the coronavirus. Overall, eCommerce is fairing well compared to many brick and mortar retailers. While some shoppers are turning toward eCommerce, some retail and online sales are still impacted because of the economic uncertainty and difficulty many people face. 

There is no doubt that businesses must adjust in order to survive during these times. The plans and strategies you designed before the pandemic may no longer apply, and it is crucial to pivot in order to help your customers and business during this pandemic. This post explores some of the most beneficial strategies to implement during the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world. 

Sales Trends

Shopping habits and categories have changed dramatically due to the pandemic. Baby product sales, food and beverages, household items, and non-perishable groceries have surged in the last few weeks. Toys and games are generally down, as well as non-essential items like apparel, jewelry, and electronics. Given this data, it is easy to imagine that even eCommerce stores may struggle if they primarily sell items that people are not purchasing right now. 

Address Supply 

Whether or not you have seen a surge in sales on your eCommerce website, you should contact your manufacturers. Supply could become an issue due to many restrictions and business shutdowns. Discuss where your manufacturer stands on production and how they plan to address coronavirus down the line. Knowing your manufacturer’s status will help inform you of future actions. 

Find Alternative Providers

Many eCommerce sellers source their products from China, which caused inventory shortages for sellers who were unable to find other suppliers. While China is beginning to return to normal, other countries are just entering the most severe times of COVID-19, including the United States. Having other options for providers will give your business a better chance of staying afloat as times change. 

Ask Your Customers What They Need

Helping your customers helps your business both during and after the pandemic. Find out what your typical customer needs. Conduct a customer needs evaluation to assess their current situation, concerns, and needs. When you understand customer needs, you can take reasonable steps to help support them. 

Shift Your Approach 

Your current marketing and strategy should resonate with people at the moment. The things you may have planned for this time will no longer have the same effect. Shift your marketing and your offers toward an at-home audience. For example, restaurants have shifted to pick-up and delivery, promoting these services with the appropriate copy. 

For eCommerce stores, this means you should consider adding new items or features that are relevant to your customers’ daily lives. Be creative and think of the most appropriate ways to market your current products. 

Update Your Website

Keep your customers informed about your current products and services. Update your product pages so they reflect any supply chain problems. Notify customers if certain products will be out of stock. Be transparent about your situation with your customers to help manage expectations. 

Make a Special Offer

Customers are likely to be very price sensitive at the moment. Many customers face financial uncertainty and are wary of spending money if they do not need to. Now is the time to implement a special offer like discounts, free shipping, long-term payment options, or other special deals to your audience. Communicate the end date of your special offer, but provide reassurance that you will still be there in the end for those who cannot take advantage of the offer right now. 

Unfortunately, both consumers and businesses face unpredictable times. While we cannot know for sure how the coronavirus pandemic will evolve, we do know that it will eventually come to an end. Right now, consumer behaviors are different as people are trying to respond to the virus and new living conditions.  In order to maintain your eCommerce business and set yourself up for success, you must make some adjustments. To make multichannel eCommerce an easier, smoother process, contact Listing Mirror. Our #1 multichannel product listing software will greatly help your business during and after this difficult time. Get started with your free trial HERE. Most importantly, think strategically, remain calm, and be positive.

Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.