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Listing Mirror integrates with eBay so that you can effortlessly sync listing data across multiple selling platforms – without manual entry.

Don’t waste another minute manually entering listing data into your eBay account. You’re trying to grow your eCommerce business, not wear out your keyboard. Listing Mirror helps sellers to automate listing changes and inventory updates so that selling on eBay is fun, not frustrating.

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Listing Mirror makes it easy to sell on eBay.

Item Setup & Management

Create product listings on through Listing Mirror's easy-to-use syncing tool.

Order & Shipping

Transfers shipping data, including tracking numbers, to eBay.


Monitor and adjust inventory levels. Set a threshold for your inventory to avoid overselling.


Monitor and adjust product pricing through our online dashboard.

As a silver solution provider for eBay, we guarantee quick response times and verified integration settings.

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Learn More About eBay Marketplace

What are the requirements to be approved for

Anyone can sell on eBay! However, to be successful you will need to keep a few recommendations in mind.

    • Sell NEW, USED, or REFURBISHED products
       Sell items in any condition, as long as you disclose details of the condition upfront.
    • Top-notch customer service
       eBay has a strict seller standard to ensure a quality marketplace
    • Fast and reliable fulfillment
       Ability to ship within the US efficiently
    • Competitive Pricing

 Important on any online marketplace

Some additional helpful advice for any eBay Seller:

What is the eBay Marketplace?

eBay is a marketplace that allows users to offer, sell and buy just about anything in a variety of pricing formats and locations. The actual contract for sale is directly between the seller and buyer. eBay is not a traditional auctioneer.

Should I sell on eBay?

YES. eBay is one of the easiest to get into, especially if you are already on other marketplaces like Amazon. We can sync all your orders, listing data, and shipping info with ease!

You want to sell on eBay, so why do you need Listing Mirror?

This is the exact reason Listing Mirror was created.

We provide a central location for all your items to be listed on multiple channels. Listing Mirror will be your hub to control and monitor your items and sales on each of those marketplaces.


The smartest sellers use Listing Mirror’s easy and efficient eBay integration.

Listing Mirror allows you to effortlessly sell across multiple online marketplaces, including eBay.

Using Listing Mirror will allow you to expand your product listings to each marketplace with very little effort.

Our service will save you time and money by centralizing all of your products, orders, and fulfillment into one easy to use software service!

eBay vs. Other Market Places

eBay is the most “open” marketplace, meaning they allow almost any type of item, in any condition, and the barrier to entry is virtually zero. eBay is one of the oldest as well, so they have many good policies to protect buyers and sellers alike.

What are the eBay commission fees?

eBay fees are a bit more involved than some of the newer marketplace, but they have a base rate of 10%. Please see their Fees and Features page to get a better idea.

What are the Walmart commission fees?

Walmart sets their sales commision at 15%. That rate can change, depending on the item’s category. For details visit Referral Fees For Contract Categories.

Walmart does not charge monthly fees or listing fees. Sellers only pay a fee for sales. When you get paid, they get paid.

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How to Sell on eBay’s Third Party Marketplace

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The expert Listing Mirror team will assist you with onboarding and account optimization. We also offer multichannel solutions to integrate your Walmart account with many other channels! Listing Mirror does not require any long terms commitments.

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