By Erin Wawok



Need a Multi-Channel Selling Strategy?

eCommerce is becoming increasingly competitive, but it can be highly lucrative with the right selling and inventory management strategy. Whether you’re just starting out or have a large portfolio of products, there’s always something more to learn. While you’re writing or rewriting your business strategy, consider a multi-channel approach.

Broaden your market, boost your sales and increase your traffic with multi-channel management. Here are some important points to consider when crafting your selling strategy. Include each of these in your new or seasoned ecommerce business for increased opportunities and a more competitive, diversified ecommerce business.

Expand to More Marketplaces

The first place to begin is to consider a multi-channel approach. Whether your sales are skyrocketing or remaining stagnant, adding another channel can give you the exposure you need to reach your customers. Some popular channels to expand to include:

  • Amazon Marketplace
  • Walmart Marketplace
  • eBay
  • Jet
  • Etsy
  • Shopify
  • SKUVault
  • Overstock

There are many more channels available, and each channel offers its unique mix of customers and competitors. Although your products may not have a corner on the market, you can find the channels that offer you the best return of investment.

Join the 87 percent of retail leaders who use a multi-channel approach to rise above the competition. Multi-channel selling is a huge factor in gaining a competitive edge. If you aren’t sure how to branch out in a multi-channel way effectively, consider using multi-channel software.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

Gartner found that 89 percent of companies expect to compete based on customer experience. Providing an excellent experience should be the major focus of any ecommerce business. From the web page to order fulfillment to the quality of customer service you provide, every part of the process should reflect a completely customer-centric approach. This will not only help your customers feel they have got their money’s worth, it will also promote loyalty to your brand. Customers may be more likely to make a second purchase or refer a friend to your company if they’ve received stellar customer service.

Fulfill Orders Efficiently

One competitive way to provide excellent customer service to all your customers is through Fulfillment By Amazon. This service gives you access to Amazon’s amazing network of warehouses and customer service agents. Through Fulfillment By Amazon, you won’t have to worry about time consuming returns, customer questions or other fulfillment situations.

This excellent service is typically only available through Amazon marketplace sellers. However, if you’re already a seller and use innovative listing software to easily connect your multiple marketplaces, it’s easy to use Fulfillment By Amazon to manage all of your listings across multiple channels.

Adjust Across Different Channels With Listing Software

In order to effectively create a diversified, multi-channel approach, you’ll need listing software. There are many issues that can arise if you don’t use latest software to help connect your multiple channels. Here are just a few of the issues you could solve if you use a multi-channel listing software:

  • New Strategies: Some marketplaces rate your items based on different criteria. Becoming an eBay PowerSeller isn’t the same as becoming a best seller on Amazon. Listing software and help from experts can allow you to tailor each listing to meet the specific needs and strategies of each channel.
  • Sync Inventory: With multiple channels, you can easily lose track of how many items you have left. Don’t let multiple listings, diverse warehouses and a broad range of inventory keep you from keeping accurate accounts for each item. Listing software can automatically update your inventory across every channel and warehouse. You’ll never have to guess how many products you have left again.
  • Order Fulfillment: Leverage your Fulfillment By Amazon account to provide efficient fulfillment across every channel. Listing Mirror has dynamic software that can connect all your channels through the same fulfillment software. Whether you use Fulfillment By Amazon or another fulfillment provider, you can easily provide the same expert fulfillment to every customer across every channel.

Choose a Competitive and Affordable Listing Software

Whether you sell 1 SKU or 1 million SKUs a month, Listing Mirror can provide you with professional, affordable and comprehensive listing software. You won’t be charged any transaction fees or order fees, but you’ll enjoy a range of advanced features, like:

  • Multi-warehouse support
  • API access
  • Professional support
  • Advanced management of inventory

Listing Mirror also has an Enterprise level service, which includes even more innovative support, like ERP systems and EPL providers. Sign up now to gain access to some of the most advanced and most convenient listing software available. You’ll be able to speak to one of our trained onboarding specialists to help you learn how to use this innovative software. There’s many strategies you can use to help you grow your ecommerce business, but excellent customer service, order fulfillment and multi-channel support can provide you with a winning strategy. Stay ahead of the competition with comprehensive multi-channel support from Listing Mirror.

Sell More. Work Less.

Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.