By Erin Wawok



Why Your Company Needs Listing Management Software for Multi-Channel Sales Success

If your company has yet to invest in multi-channel selling software, what’s stopping you?

Listing your inventory on multiple platforms is a clear and cost-effective route to growth. And if your inventory is going to be listed on several different marketplaces, why would you want to take the extra time and money to organize each listing separately?

Your company should not be wasting this valuable time. Instead, spend those resources on other crucial tasks such as marketing, management inventory, and growing your business! Let the latest and greatest in e-Commerce software handle tasks like listing synchronization automatically (and flawlessly) so that your company can focus on doing what you do best.

Saving Time and Money

As your company continues to grow, you are likely to add more and more product to your inventory. Investing in a listing management software could be a key player to ensuring that your company stays on track and continues growing at the same rate, without any hiccups or growing pains. When you compare the costs of hiring an employee (or even multiple employees) to the cost of manually updating each listing to the cost of a single software solution, the smart answer becomes obvious.

Let your employees spend their time doing more productive, higher-level tasks. Utilize your human talent solving issues that truly require human ingenuity! Even once you have finished initially uploading a product, multi-channel listing software can continue saving you time, as it will allow your company to utilize bulk editing should any details change. From start to finish, listing management software helps ensure that all products are uploaded across each platform efficiently and correctly.


Let’s face it. In many ways humans are quite simply less organized than computers. While there are many tasks that certainly do require hands-on talent and personal attention, the truth is that an automated program is always going to be better at certain tasks that require precision. Tasks such as online inventory and product management! When your inventory is correctly organized, selling it becomes much easier.

By customizing your multi-channel listing software, you’ll be able to have your computer create specific folders to keep track of your rapidly growing inventory. One of the benefits of this type of software is that your company can truly make it their own. Your company will be able to customize their software so that they can choose whatever organization methods best fit their needs.


We are living in an age of advanced technology. Your company has the ability to use software that will radically change the ways they do business. For example, items that haven’t sold within a preselected amount of time will have the ability to be automatically relisted at the price of your choice. You can choose to keep it where it was and just revitalize the listing, or you can have the price automatically reduced to a sale price.

Either way, this type of automation means less work for you and your team. (Which, in turn, means reduced costs, better productivity, and more opportunity for scalable growth.) Price isn’t the only step that can be automated in the relisting process. Virtually any aspect of your online listing can be fully or partially automated with the help of listing management software.

Quantity Synchronization

The main reason companies are in love with their multi-channel selling software is literally spelled out in the name. This software allows you list your products across multiple selling channels. That by itself is pretty handy — but even more importantly, your inventory is connected through all channels. This means that if a product is sold on one platform, the drop in inventory will register through all platforms. One problem sellers run into is losing exposure time when a listing says “out of stock,” or the embarrassment of disappointing a customer who ordered an out-of-stock item. With this kind of quantity synchronization, you will never worry about any of your platforms running out of stock ever again.

Sell More. Work Less.

If you are ready to invest, check out our offering here at Listing Mirror. We even offer a free demo so that you can see all of these innovative features in action.

Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.