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What’s happening at Wish?

Wish is actively transforming their marketplace. In 2021, they started a fresh organizational chapter, with a new leadership team of experienced executives who bring strong backgrounds in retail and technology.

Over the past year, and rolling through 2022, the Wish team has worked diligently to improve their platform with merchants in mind. The new tools are integrated into the merchant experience and are designed to help grow businesses like never before. We’re thrilled to share more about the transformation and how they plan to help merchants succeed.

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How is Wish transforming its marketplace?

They have already implemented many exciting updates, including a brand new look and feel for the Wish platform, based on in depth research into improving customer ideas about Wish.

  • A fresh logo, app icon and font
  • An eye-catching, fun color palette (they’ve gone green!)
  • Exciting, quirky design visuals
  • A new look for the Wish homepage and app landing page
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Enhancing trust and deepening relationships with the valued merchant community

  • Wish rewards exceptional merchants with customer-facing badges, better payment terms, increased buyer visibility, and more
  • Every new merchant is now pre-vetted on our invite-only platform
  • Improved merchant promotional tools via the Merchant Promotions Platform
  • They removed the Dynamic Pricing markups model
  • Integration with Listing Mirror multi-channel software
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Improving the consumer experience with a focus on delight and discoverability

  • Showcasing trending products and underscoring authentic brands
  • Wish Clips, a shoppable video feature that allows users to watch engaging videos and easily shop from video
  • The Wish app now features a special tab dedicated to Wish Clips
  • New in Q3 of 2022: Wish Clips feature background audio
  • A focus on fashion, including improved fashion product categories, seasonal merchandising strategies, and curated fashion campaigns
  • Automated review of all new Wish products helps prevent prohibited product listings

The return of Wish advertising

Wish ads are back! Started in July of 2022, Wish is running a substantial multi-channel marketing campaign incorporating TV, streaming services, digital, social media, influencer marketing, and much more in key markets, including:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Italy

They are also sponsoring the Leeds United football team for the 2022-2023 season. Wish branding now appears on Leeds United shirt sleeves for men’s, women’s, and Academy teams, and throughout the home stadium.

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Prepare your business to take advantage of the new Wish experience!

Maximize your Wish inventory

  • Upload your full inventory catalog to Wish
  • Add new products as soon as possible
  • Prepare increased inventory for the Q4 holiday rush
  • Select reliable shipping carriers for rapid and accurate fulfillment
  • Integrate with Listing Mirror multi-channel inventory management

Get into Wish Clips

  • Upload fun, succinct, and informative Wish Clips videos
  • Promote existing products on the Deals hub via the Merchant Promotions Platform (for eligible merchants)

Utilize ProductBoost to highlight new products to Wish customers

  • Productboost now features a cost-per-click model
  • Track your performance with our new data insights dashboard
  • Keep your Wish Standards score high
  • Gold or Platinum Wish Standards scores receive the best benefits
  • Maintain a high order fulfillment rate and rapid fulfillment speeds
  • Add valid tracking numbers to your shipped products
  • Stay compliant with Wish policies

The merchant community is vital to the future of Wish. They hear and value all feedback. Join Wish and Listing Mirror as we build an exciting path forward!

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Brian Wawok

Brian is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.