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How Does the ‘Amazon’s Choice’ Algorithm Work?

Since 2015, when you shop on Amazon with your web browser or Alexa device, some products are featured with the “Amazon’s Choice” label. This label makes it easy to find recommended products, so sellers should look to win it for their own products. While Amazon won’t share all the details about the algorithm, here are some of the clearest definitions available, as well as some great ways to can compete as an Amazon seller.

What Is Amazon’s Choice?

The unassuming little label has caused a big stir. The black label is given only to one product in a given search, so it’s a huge marketing factor on Amazon. When it was first released, there wasn’t a lot of information about the algorithms at work. After plenty of debate, Amazon has released some important information about Amazon’s choice.

First, the rating is designed to streamline purchases, particularly on voice-shopping with Alexa. Instead of scrolling through hundreds of identical or similar products, customers want to choose the best item in a category and quickly make a purchase. Here are some of the important factors for the Amazon’s choice algorithm:

  • Low Price
  • Low Return Rate
  • Prime Availability
  • High Customer Rating
  • Popular Option
  • Shipped By Amazon

While Amazon won’t release any specific details about winning its choice for your own products, this list offers some clear goals for you to work towards in order to win Amazon’s choice.

How to Win Amazon’s Choice

First, take a look at the list of important factors. You can’t guarantee winning the coveted top choice spot. That said, increasing your customer ratings, low returns, being available on Prime and selling more products are all important ways to boost your chances of being selected.

Some competitors are choosing not to focus on Amazon’s Choice. It’s difficult to accurately determine the factors that the algorithm uses, so even the best marketing strategy won’t guarantee a spot for your best products.

Amazon continues to release more information about Amazon’s Choice. Soon you may find out all the inner workings of the algorithm, as well as a straightforward way to compete with other sellers and win this great marketing opportunity. Until then, consider using other strategies to gain a more featured place on the Amazon marketplace.

Selling Competitively on Amazon

Don’t let Amazon’s Choice get you down. There are plenty of ways to increase traffic and sales to your Amazon products. Take a look at these helpful tips in order to make the most of your Amazon storefront.

  1. Unique Listings: Setup your products in a striking, detailed and unique format in order to attract customers and sell more. Don’t use vague entries or copied material, but make a dynamic listing that can keep customers viewing your products for longer. If your customers can make a thoughtful and researched decision, you may be able to decrease returns and increase customer ratings.
  2. Fulfillment By Amazon: Decrease your costs, stress and multi-channel difficulties with Fulfillment By Amazon. This convenient service can draw in more customers with Prime availability and more available inventory. Amazon’s customer service team can minimize customer complaints, which can also improve your chances of winning Amazon’s Choice.
  3. Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime:If you already have your own multi-channel inventory strategy in place, consider using Seller Fulfilled Prime. This Amazon service allows you to use third-party warehouses and fulfillment services in order to provide a smooth transition between Amazon and other channels.

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