SKUVault Integration & FTP Inventory Management for Multi-channel Sales

March 1 2018 IN Multichannel SKUVault Integration & FTP Inventory Management for Multi-channel Sales

New Inventory Management options at Listing Mirror

Have you heard yet? Listing Mirror now offers two new inventory syncing options. We are please to offer FTP Inventory Syncing and integration with SKUVault, adding to the long list of software now supported! But what does this mean for the multichannel seller? Let’s dig in...

Both allow the syncing of your Listing Mirror inventories from an external system.

Listing Mirror will in most cases be the source to keep inventory in sync on the channels (Amazon, eBay, etc), but we will sync with these external inventory sources on a user configurable schedule to pick up external inventory changes.


SKUVault Integration

What is SKUVault?

In simplest terms, SKUVault is a cloud-based warehouse management system, to help you manage your inventory locally.

The software is loaded with features to streamline warehouse management and help eCommerce sellers prevent inventory mishaps, improve warehouse efficiency, and reduce human errors.

Here are just a few of the benefits to using SKUVault as a multichannel seller:

  • Locate products in a warehouse within seconds.
  • Sync physical inventory to Listing Mirror to avoid inventory mishaps like out-of-stocks, undersells, mis-picks, and mis-ships.
  • Efficiently pick items for orders with interactive wave picking.
  • Minimize re-allocation of products with dynamic locations, multiples warehouses, and distribution centers.
  • Create, customize, and send purchase orders (POs) directly from the software.
  • Forecast inventory demands with immediate and accurate reports.
  • Run class or brand reports to determine which products should be eliminated and which products are profiting the most.

It sounds pretty cool right? But what does it mean for Listing Mirror users?

As a multichannel seller, we understand that inventory is one of the most important parts of your business.

Listing Mirror already syncs inventory across multiple channels, so that Amazon, Walmart, and any other channels always have the most accurate inventory.

But when integrated with SKUVault, warehouse management takes on a whole new level and makes your job that much easier.

Now warehouse items are located immediately, pickers are given the most efficient route through the warehouse, and advanced reports give insight into forecasting and re-ordering capabilities.

Each virtual warehouse inside of SKU Vault can map to a virtual warehouse in Listing Mirror.

FTP Inventory Syncing

This is a popular method for dropshipping suppliers and some ERP providers to allow you to maintain your inventory levels.

Normally, you would have to use FTP to fetch inventory reports from a supplier or remote warehouse manually, we can connect directly to the remote FTP and pull the inventory data directly into Listing Mirror on a regular schedule. This ensures your inventory levels are accurate and up to date on all channels and marketplaces.

Each FTP file can be mapped to a virtual warehouse in Listing Mirror.

These integrations are just another way Listing Mirror makes multichannel selling seamless and efficient, so you can focus on the big picture instead of the tiny details!

This is a Premium feature requiring a Premium Listing Mirror plan.

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