How To Sell On Jet

How to Sell on Jet

You’ve probably heard the name a lot in recent news.

Since entering the ecommerce arena in 2015, the marketplace has become quite the competitor for giants like Amazon and eBay in a short amount of time.

And then Walmart stepped in and acquired Jet, so it doesn’t look like this momentum is going to slow down anytime soon.

If you’re a multichannel seller and don’t know much about Jet, it’s time.

Tell me more about Jet, you say?

Jet is an online marketplace whose goal is to give customers the best deal possible. Whatever a customer may be purchasing, Jet’s real-time pricing algorithm offers the lowest price available.

This is based on a few factors including distance from warehouse, number of items being purchased, and waiving the right to return an item.

Let’s say a customer wants to purchase a fitness band. The search results will populate a list of fitness bands, but that person won’t see who the sellers are.

This is because Jet decides which seller the customer purchases the fitness band from.

Kind of sounds pushy, but this is to guarantee customers the lowest price every time.

The closer a customer lives to a warehouse, the more items bought from one seller, and waiving the right to return an item all decrease the final price.

Should you sell on Jet?

Jet is yet another platform for multichannel sellers to expand and reach potential customers.

It’s just like selling on Amazon, but without the annoying monthly fees. Instead you’ll pay a 15% fee for most items you sell (although this does vary slightly depending on the product category).

The only downside to the ecommerce site is the lack of an admin panel. And by lack of, we mean Jet doesn’t have a way for you to manage your inventory or orders within the software.

You’re expected to build your own backend system or use a third-party software to bridge the gap.

But worry not! Listing Mirror provides this interface to allow you to sell on Jet, via our API Integration, with ease!

So how do you become a Jet Retail Partner?

If you have awesome products, competitive pricing, and quick shipping fulfillment, there’s a good chance you’ll be approved as a Jet Retail Partner.

To start the application process, you’ll need your tax ID number, annual online revenue, and shipping details.

Once the application is filled out and submitted, just sit back until Jet tells you whether you’re approved or not.

We also have this page: Selling on & API Integration with some more details to help you get started.

When you’re ready to expand the number of channels your products are available on, Listing Mirror is waiting with arms wide open. We’ll ease the process of expanding the number of multichannel platforms you operate on by storing product information and syncing inventory and pricing for you.

Sell More. Work Less.