By Brian Wawok



You can now list products in the Amazon store using Products Reconciliation. This new seller tool helps compare your product listings with product listings already in the Amazon catalog. It helps solve matching issues in attributes with just one click.

Why Use Product Reconciliation?

There is a new product reconciliation tool to help sellers identify errors with products listings. There are over 1.5 million active sellers on Amazon, any many experience errors when listing products on the platform. To publish a listing, there is always criteria that needs to meet Amazon’s guidelines. Often, errors happen, and now the product reconciliation feature is here to ease the burden of errors.

From images and descriptions to search engine-optimized titles, a lot goes into listing on Amazon. One of the most important and cumbersome processes many sellers have reported is product matching. Well, you can now use product reconciliation to help get through it.

What is Product Matching and Why is it Important?

When you list a product on Amazon, you need to have specific identifiers for the Product ID. This includes items like UPC, EAN, JAN, and ISBN codes. If you’re new to selling, it’s important to do the prep work beforehand to obtain these codes.

Products IDs allow Amazon to limit duplicates or misleading information in the Amazon catalog.

What happens if I get a product matching error?

A common error sellers receive is error 8451 or “single matching error.” When sellers receive this message, it means that there was conflicting information in their listing. Items that could be flagged include the title, sizing, ASIN, or image.

If you receive this error, don’t be alarmed. Amazon has specific guidelines and has released a new feature that allows you to address the error.

Using Reconciliation to Fix a Product Matching Error

In some cases, the error is as simple as adjusting the listing title or updating the UPC. No matter the severity of the fix, there are a few steps you’ll need to take.

Once you’ve identified the listing with the error, navigate to the Seller Central. Here, find “complete your drafts” and on the following page select “fix your products.” Once on this page, you can filter by “matching reconciliation conflicts.”

This new product reconciliation filter tool is an effort to simplify the matching error processes. With this tool, sellers should experience enhanced visibility of Amazon’s product catalog, more information on the error in their listing, and an intuitive product matching process.

Brian Wawok

Brian is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.