By Erin Wawok



We have been living in the golden age of e-commerce for the past decade or so, with the number of online sales really taking off in 2017 and 2018. With such a consistent surge in online sales, many analysts predict that 50% of e-commerce worldwide will be available on Amazon by 2021. All of this virtual action begs the question: how are customers purchasing YOUR products?

As our world grows more dependent on technological advancement, the mobile devices we cling to have become more than simply platforms for making phone calls and checking emails; they connect our lives to our homes, our cars, and our computers. With such integration, it only stands to reason that this would also directly impact our shopping habits and retail consumption. Retail brick and mortar stores still have a very big spot in today’s marketplace, however, operating a storefront can be too cost prohibitive to the small business just getting off the ground. Whether you’re just starting your business venture or have an established retail spot, offering your products online is more important than ever. Enter Listing Mirror, the best multi-channel product listing software.

What makes Listing Mirror the best? Why will this software be the solution to grow your online presence from basic to premier? Listing Mirror takes your current offerings and streamlines them to the channels of your choosing, expanding your reach with a laser focus on your target audience. Can’t decide between Amazon or some other drone friendly fulfillment provider? With Listing Mirror, you don’t have to. Now your products can be offered through any and all third-party fulfillment channels with no additional equipment or leg work.

Offering your products through multiple fulfillment channels is undoubtedly in the best interest of your business. But what happens when customers buy what you’re selling? Perhaps you may be concerned about having to constantly update inventory levels across various channels cutting into your valuable coffee sippin’ time. Listing Mirror will sync your inventory levels across all channels for you so you can spend your time indulging in the nectar of the Gods with ease and peace of mind.

You can’t afford NOT to market online. More and more, people globally are turning to that glorious series of tubes known as the world wide web to meet their purchasing needs. Don’t miss out on this opportunity by relying on social media to spread the word. Listing Mirror will do all the heavy lifting so you can market online with no fuss, while you spend your time growing your business and expanding your listings.          

Erin Wawok

Erin is the Co-Founder of Listing Mirror.