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Listing Mirror integrates with StreetPricer so that you can win more Buy Boxes – for free.

Don’t lose another sale to a Buy Box that isn’t yours. StreetPricer is a price optimisation add-on for ListingMirror users. It monitors and sets pricing dynamically to make sure your prices are competitive, listings are selling, and ranking as high as possible.

Listing Mirror will pull StreetPricer updates into our platform and then sync those out to your marketplaces. Listing Mirror can also use those pricing updates to calculate rules set for other channels like Shopify or Walmart, keeping all of your marketplace listings optimized.

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More Buy Boxes

Guaranteed to win more BuyBoxes than your current repricer.

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Seamless switchover with free assisted set-up.


With the Listing Mirror partnership, you will get to use StreetPricer for free.

Amazon Repricing

Unlimited SKUs, stores and marketplaces. Autopricing 3 times a day.

eBay Repricing

100k SKUs. Unlimited stores in all countries. Autopricing every week.

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Already a Listing Mirror client? Make sure to integrate your StreetPricer account so you can see the results within one platform.

Don’t miss out on the full benefits of our partnership. Integrating your StreetPricer account into your Listing Mirror account will give you easy access to pricing optimizations and sales – without having to open multiple tabs.

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