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100% U.S. Based Support Team: This is a simple one. All of our Support Staff is based in the U.S. - we handle all support calls, emails, and chats from within our home office. Contact us anytime you have questions or need some help with your account.

Advanced Inventory Management: Advanced inventory is a whole package of useful inventory tools, such as Kitting and Bundling, and Multi-warehouse support. This package will allow you many more options when selling your items.

Amazon: Amazon is the king of online retail and e-commerce. If you are not selling on Amazon, you should strongly consider it. Contact us to get set up…

API Access: Users with programming capacity can interact directly with your data stored in Listing Mirror. If you already have some centralized software such as a CRM or ERP, you can connect it to Listing Mirror to let us do the heavy lifting for your multi-channel sales.

Automatic Order Routing to FBA: Multi-channel selling means you will have inventory numbers on each site, but your physical inventory may be in one, two, or more places, including FBA warehouses. Listing Mirror will route your orders to the warehouse of your choosing. We will route your orders to whichever of thee warehouses you wish or whichever currently has stock, including automatically routing them to be fulfilled by Amazon.

Automatic Tracking Info Updates: Listing Mirror can push all of your tracking info updates to each of your multi-channels. This will ensure that you maintain your top seller ratings and fulfillment requirements for each marketplace.

Back up All Listing Data, including Images: We keep a copy of all your product and listing data on our secure servers. Should anything happen to your local data or your product data on Amazon, eBay, Jet, etc… We will help to restore all of your listings and data like-new.

BigCommerce: Similar to the Shopify business model. You can launch your own .com store in just a few minutes. They host everything for you and handle all the backend work.

Bulk Upload History: Look up changes, edits, additions, and removals done by your Bulk Uploads.

Centralized Inventory Management: All of your inventory will be managed in a central location, like a hub. You will keep your product catalog in Listing Mirror and manage your inventory from our interface. Your changes and modifications will be saved in Listing Mirror, then synced to all other channels you have connected.

Centralized Order Management: Monitor, track, and view all of your orders across all marketplaces and channels using Listing Mirror’s central order management. You will be able to see orders as they come in, process and fulfill them all from within the Listing Mirror interface.

Change History: You can see all changes made to your items, listings, and account.

Chat Support: We have a support messaging system that allows us to return requests in just a few minutes, normally. When/if we are too busy, your chat request will be emailed to our support team and they will get back to you as soon as they possibly can via email.

Custom eBay Templates: Make your eBay Listing stand out from the rest with a custom template! Templates can absolutely make a difference between a sale or no sale.

eBay: One of the oldest in the list. eBay has taken their online auction platform and turned it into a very large marketplace for sellers around the world.

eBay Image Hosting: Listing Mirror hosts all of your images on our super-fast cloud service. You don’t have to rely on eBay hosting your images for you.

Email Support: Send us an email with a question about your account or listings. We will reply promptly!

Etsy: This is more of the DIY marketplace. A lot of crafts and homemade items are sold on Etsy.

FBA Inventory Integration: Listing Mirror will help to maintain all of your FBA inventory just like it is in your own warehouse. We will keep track of everything in your FBA inventory from the point it arrives, to the point it sells/ships.

FBA Multi-channel Fulfillment (MCF): Fulfillment by Amazon, Multi-channel fulfillment. Listing Mirror is fully integrated with FBA-MCF. This allows you you keep all of your inventory at Amazon to be utilized for Amazon sales via FBA, but also allows you to list your items on other select channels, including eBay and your own .com website. Listing Mirror will route your order from any eligible channel to the Amazon FBA MCF queue to be picked, packed, and shipped by the Fulfillment by Amazon service.

Free Training: This is part of your Onboarding experience. We want you to have long-term success in the multi-channel world and we do that by make sure you have a full understanding of our e-commerce sales tools within the first couple weeks of you signing up.

Full Access to Knowledgebase: We have an ever-changing knowledgebase filled with information about e-commerce sales, sales channels, and multi-channel sales. You are welcome to use it anytime, all the time! Our staff is constantly updating and adding new articles on a daily basis.

Inventory History: Look up inventory history for any of your SKUs

Inventory Sync: Inventory quantities will stay in sync throughout all of your integrated channels. If you sell an item on Amazon, your inventory quantities will decrease across all marketplaces and channels. This will serve to help prevent over-selling items that are low in quantity.

Jet: is only a few years old, but was making waves early on with large amounts of early stage funding. Recently bought out by Walmart, but remains a separate marketplace with separate rules and terms.

Kitting & Bundling: Sometimes Kitting & Bundling are used interchangeably. Bundling is the technique of offering two or more complementary or identical goods or services together as a package deal. Bundled items are sold at a price attractively lower than the total of their individual selling prices.

Listings with Variations: Do you sell any products with varying sizes, colors, shapes, designs, prints? The easiest example is shoes. You have one style of shoe, with many color options and many size options. You wouldn’t want to list them all as separate listings … We have you covered. If you are selling anything that requires variation listings we can help you!

Marketplace Fee Report (Beta): This report attempts to compute the cost to sell on each channel.

Multi-Warehouse Support: With our Multi-Warehouse feature, you can create kits and bundles from completely different warehouses. Our inventory management will keep track of how many of each component you have in each of your warehouses, allowing you to create kit SKUs from items stored anywhere in the world.

No Listing Mirror Logo on eBay Listings: Many other companies and services will paste their logo, with a link to their homepage on the bottom of your eBay listings. This can be a distraction from your listing and is also against eBay policy. You may be subject to a range of actions. We may limit, restrict, or suspend you from buying, selling, or using site features. All of your listings may be removed, displayed lower or not shown in search results, without refunding any or all applicable fees. You may also forfeit special account status and any discounts. You may be subject to the application of fees and recovery of our expenses in policy monitoring and enforcement.

Onboarding Specialist: When your account is created, we assign an Onboarding Specialist to you to help you get started. This person will ensure you start your Listing Mirror account on the right foot. They will help you transition into multi-channel sales, help you get acquainted with our software kand interface, and they will be there to answer all of your questions for the first week or so, before handing you off to our Support Team.

Overstock: Overstock has been around a long time. While you can find/sell anything there, it seems their target market is focused mostly on furniture and housewares. Their selection is growing as their marketplace attracts new sellers all the time.

Phone Support: We offer Full Phone Support for all Customers. Call us if you need any help with your Listing Mirror account.

Price Sync: Set and keep your pricing and pricing changes consistent and appropriate across all marketplaces and channels. You can automate your pricing from channel to channel based on your sales velocity on those channels as well. However you wish to set your pricing, set it in Listing Mirror and the software will maintain those settings on your channels.

Priority Level Support: Priority support is included with our Premium plan. Emergencies, Data Issues, Syncing Issues? Some of our clients will need a bit of extra assistance for any number of reasons and we are happy to provide it! This is included for Phone, Chat, and Email on our Premium plan.

Sales Reporting: Reports and Charts for Sales by Channel, Sales over Time, Number of Sales, and Number of Sales over Time.

ShipStation Integration: ShipStation allows you to connect your UPS, USPS, and FedEx (and other shipping partners) accounts directly into Listing Mirror. You can handle all of your order fulfillment using Listing Mirror with ShipStation.

Shopify: Want to host your own .com store? Shopfiy makes the setup and selling a snap! Click here to start selling on Shopify.

Sync Listing Data to all Channels: Sync your Listing Data, such as descriptions and images across all of your sales channels and marketplaces.

Walmart: Walmart is relatively new to the online marketplace space, but they are making a splash. Their system is improving and they are seeing more and more online visitors and shoppers daily.

WooCommerce: Another great way to start your own .com store! WooCommerce is a full featured store plugin for WordPress. They have made selling and maintaining a store super simple and the community surrounding WooCommerce is vast with lots of extras and plugins.

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