How Kitting Works in Listing Mirror
What is Kitting & Bundling?

Kitting is the process of grouping products into sets that can be sold as a single unit.

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Advanced Inventory Management

With Listing Mirror's Advanced Inventory package, you get three advanced features in one: Kitting, Bundling, and Multi-Warehouse. This feature is available for immediate use for all new and existing customers. Have question? Need help? Get in touch and we can answer all your questions and help you set this up.

What is Kitting?

Kitting (or Bundling) is an inventory management feature that allows you to connect products in multiple ways to keep everything in sync.

For example, you might sell 3 matching pieces of luggage seperately ... or you can use our Kitting feature to sell luggage packages including all three pieces as one SKU.

Our advanced inventory management software will combine all three items to be shipped as one package or set. Sell one SKU, but ship multiple items.

This illustration will help explain a bit better.

Neat, isn't it?
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What is Bundling?

Sometimes Kitting & Bundling are used interchangeably. Bundling is the technique of offering two or more complementary or identical goods or services together as a package deal.

Bundled items are sold at a price attractively lower than the total of their individual selling prices.

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What is Multi-warehouse?

With our Multi-Warehouse feature, you can create kits and bundles from completely different warehouses.

Our inventory management will keep track of how many of each component you have in each of your warehouses, allowing you to create kit SKUs from items stored anywhere in the world.

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