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    Create product listings on through Listing Mirror's easy-to-use syncing tool.

  • Order & Shipping

    Transfers shipping data, including tracking numbers, to Jet.

  • Inventory

    Monitor and adjust inventory levels. Set a threshold for your inventory to avoid overselling.

  • Pricing

    Monitor and adjust product pricing through our online dashboard.

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Learn more about Walmart Marketplace works with sellers who can provide highest quality products, great customer support as well as fast and reliable shipping.

    • Sell NEW products
       New ONLY – refurbished items are NOT allowed.
    • Top-notch customer service
       Provide great customer service to buyers
    • Fast and reliable fulfillment
       Ability to ship within the US efficiently
    • Competitive Pricing

 Important on any online marketplace

Some additional helpful advice for any Jet Seller:

No. In late 2016 Jet acquired However, those two marketplaces exist as separate entities. A few simple things to keep in mind…

  1. You will have to apply for each of them seperately.
  2. You will also need to list products separately, and they have different panels and rules.
  3. You should treat them as two absolutely unrelated marketplaces.

With Listing Mirror, this is all very simple. One of our multi-channel experts can even help you set this up!

Since their launch, in 2015, Jet has been giving Amazon a run for their money. Jet stands out from the crowd, thanks to their proprietary real-time pricing algorithm. Unlike eBay and Amazon – Jet requires potential sellers to be approved, through a merchant application process. The requirements for selling on Jet, are mostly unknown – except, that Jet specializes in high-quality goods and services.

YES. JET is one of the most serious competitors for, and it has already generated a lot of sales for merchants with products listed. JET launched their website on July 21, 2015, with their most distinguishing feature of the site being their real-time pricing algorithm.

This is the exact reason Listing Mirror was created. does not offer a dashboard/admin panel for sellers to manage their orders, inventory, and listings.

Some sellers build their own backend (very expensive and time consuming)


The Smart sellers use Listing Mirror’s easy and efficient jet api integration.

Listing Mirror allows you to effortlessly sell across multiple online marketplaces, including Jet.

Using Listing Mirror will allow you to expand your product listings to each marketplace with very little effort.

Our service will save you time and money by centralizing all of your products, orders, and fullfillment into one easy to use software service!

On JET, shoppers cannot pick which seller they buy from. Instead, Jet decides that on its back-end. As a buyer on JET, you do not see any information about who you are buying from.

We list your products via the Jet api, if the products are already listed on, you will compete with the sellers for the “Buy Box”. This method works well for the buyers and provides a simple, clean interface on Jet’s marketplace.

All Base Commissions on the Jet Marketplace are 15% unless explicitly noted. Some categories are as low as 5% … For details visit Jet Pricing, Settlement and Commissions Policy.

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How to Sell on Jet’s Third Party Marketplace

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The expert Listing Mirror team will assist you with onboarding and account optimization. We also offer multichannel solutions to integrate your Walmart account with many other channels! Listing Mirror does not require any long terms commitments.
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If you can provide great customer service, a unique product assortment, competitive pricing, and fast & reliable fulfillment, then it’s easy to get approved. If you want assistance, Listing Mirror is here to help! Use the button below to fill out the application on their official website to start selling.

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