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NOTE: If you are you speaking with a Forecastly Salesperson now, please get in touch with us before signing up!

Forecastly is purpose-built inventory management software to help Amazon FBA sellers boost their sales through automation and efficiency by optimizing the FBA inbound process.

Forecastly sets its pricing based on the number of orders you have each month and starts at up to 3,000 orders for $80 per month. This gives you NOTHING like Listing Mirror’s comprehensive package, to which INVENTORY INTELLECT may be added for a mere $100 per month with NO MONTHLY ORDER MINIMUMS OR MAXIMUMS.

You want a way to really simplify the process of growing your business? Or a fraction of the capability with volume restrictions? Forecastly prices 15,000 orders per month at $160/month; 25,000 orders per month at $240/month and if you’re processing more than 25,000 you must negotiate a custom deal – i.e. “contact us.”

Listing Mirror offers unlimited multi-channel integrations for Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more. No per sale fees and No revenue sharing. Unlimited Sales, Unlimited Orders.

So, what’s the story on Forecastly?


  • Email, Chat, Phone Support (yawn)


  • Pricing is based on Sales Order Volume
  • Sell More and Pay More
  • Only integrates with Amazon
  • Unknown Data Sync Time, Increased risk of Overselling
  • No real collaborative business partner to help grow your business.


  • Fragmented single-purpose-built solution that doesn’t hold a candle to what Listing Mirror and Inventory Intellect enables you to do in terms of growth and efficiency. 
Inventory intellect from Listing mirror integrates with the most common ecommerce platforms.

Whether you are a wholesale reseller or a private label seller, Listing Mirror’s proprietary inventory tools combine with our listing capabilities to form our more comprehensive solution to grow your business fast and smart. We call it INVENTORY INTELLECT. The truly remarkable inventory management add-on from Listing Mirror, the #1 Multi-Channel Product Listing Software. NOTE: If you are speaking with a Forecastly Salesperson now, please get in touch with us before signing up!

Purchaser Orders: Create and issue purchase orders, streamlining your processes in a hurry.

INVENTORY INTELLECT can be added to any Listing Mirror subscription for $100/month. It comes with either the Sapphire or Ruby plans. *See complete listing of Plan/Feature Options.

Web Receiving: Seamlessly sync available quantity into Listing Mirror once ordered items are received and are in-hand.

Replenishments: Effortlessly use Amazon sales history, determines product volume for FBA & prepares Amazon inbound shipments.

Forecasting: Use your sales history to create forecasts and make smarter purchase decisions.

Listing Mirror Does Multi-Channel Better: Sell Everywhere

Run your ecommerce business from one place. Our software will allow you to sell your items everywhere, without the hassle of managing channels separately and no limit to the number of channels you connect. You will be able to sell, sync, and ship more with less effort.

Fast Syncing

Our system updates and syncs your data as often as the channels and marketplaces will allow. This minimizes your overselling risk and ensures your data and multi-channel listings are always up to date.

Excellent Support

We have 100% US Based Support Full Time. Our Support personnel know our software inside and out and they will work with you to solve any issues that may arise. We also have an ever-growing knowledge base and our ecommerce blog to help you learn more about our product listing software.

Frequent Updates

Code updates are pushed to our servers by our developers 40+ times per day. We are improving and adding features on a daily basis to be sure you have the best possible multi-channel selling solution.

Sell More. Work Smart.

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