4 Tips for Building Your Walmart Marketplace Account

August 23 2018 IN walmart 4 Tips for Building Your Walmart Marketplace Account

Laying the Foundation for Success: 4 Tips for Building Your Walmart Marketplace Account

With their decision to accept third-party sellers, Walmart Marketplace has become a giant contender in the e-Commerce industry. In fact, with 110 million unique monthly visitors, Walmart is the second largest online marketplace in the world. As the platform’s number of successful e-Commerce stores continues to grow, it's clear that the time has come to sell on Walmart.

New to the game? Here is our list of tips and tricks for ensuring the success of your marketplace account from the beginning.

1. Price Your Products to the Market

For some, one feature that makes Walmart marketplace a more desirable platform than Amazon or Ebay is it’s exclusivity. Because Walmart vets new sellers carefully, customers demonstrate increased trust in stores selling on the platform. Of course, the flip side to WalMart’s seller exclusivity also means that the first hurdle to selling on Walmart is getting your account instated!

One of the best ways to ensure your potential account is accepted is to make sure that your products are in line with Walmart’s vision. Affordability, value, and convenience are all things that WalMart and its customer-base believe in -- so a company with products that could be described by such words probably has a better chance of getting accepted than, say, a lifestyle that sells ultra-expensive luxury products. (If your products aren’t a good fit for Walmart, though, there are still plenty of other e-commerce channels out there!)

2. Use an Order Integration Partner

Another way to excel on Walmart Marketplace is to use an order integration partner. This type of order management can free up time, cut company costs, and ensure quality customer service. The best part is that you can link your Walmart account to your current Order Management System (OMS).

This means that you will be able to do things like manage orders, update order statuses, and change shipping information from the very beginning. Simply connect the two accounts and you’re already saving money. Remember, no matter what platforms your e-Commerce store uses, a reliable OMS is vital for success.

3. Pay Attention to Your Product Feed

One of the easiest ways to help your e-commerce store succeed is to keep good track of your product listings. By this, we mean editing them for clarity, and making sure that they accurately reflect the product in every way possible. Never sacrifice your quality of customer service through inattention to detail. Especially with the amount of competition on these platforms, errors can cause an astronomical decrease in sales. On the same note, remember to add several pictures to your listing. The importance of visuals in e-Commerce is difficult to overstate. Consumers want to know that they can trust the product: they want to know exactly what they are getting.

4. Stand Out From The Pack

When selling on any e-Commerce platform, the goal is to stand out from the pack. Even in an exclusive marketplace like Walmart, you are sure to have a ton of competition. In reality, standing out is much easier than it sounds. Creativity is always the key, If you feel as though your listings need some personality, try writing them in a way that will bring a smile to the consumer’s face. This same rule applies to pictures: try featuring them in a way that make them more exciting. Instead of posting the image on a white background, for example, a backdrop, or maybe some accessories. This will bring your listing to life -- and the way you present your products can have a profound impact on how potential customers perceive them.

Don’t Miss Out On The Walmart e-Commerce Boom!

The e-Commerce world is full of many growing online marketplaces offering lots of traffic and a plethora of innovative, convenient ways to sell. But Walmart Marketplace stands out as one of the most dynamic and effective places to build -- or expand -- your e-Commerce presence. This is why Walmart is expected to see its incredible growth continue. By 2020, overall sales on the platform are expected to reach 684.24 billion, making it the fastest growing e-Commerce platform in the world.

Clearly, listing your business on the Walmart Marketplace offers significant potential for any e-Commerce business. Yet still, so many established online stores shy away from the possibility of expanding into Walmart. One reason for this hesitance, in many cases, is the fear that multichannel selling may be too difficult to manage. But the truth is that multichannel sales do not need to be complicated or painful. Listing Mirror offers a powerful and intuitive multi channel sales software that can help you start growing now. Visit our homepage to learn more!

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